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14 Black Friday Email Marketing Examples

Are you looking for that elusive spike in course sales? 📈

Black Friday is coming and can do exactly that!

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale marks the start of the Christmas holiday season and offers the best excuse to go big on course deals. It’s that time of year that makes both businesses and consumers happy because it’s loaded with immense opportunities.

These two days alone have the potential to be the most profitable ones of your whole year. As the owner of a business, however, you need to make the best out of the opportunity and take advantage of the tools you have available. This means investing in promotional marketing, and most preferably email marketing.

Why email marketing?


As research shows, email marketing is at its core a very powerful strategy and has a huge positive impact on the eCommerce business’s revenue, especially during holiday seasons. Considering that the average ROI for email marketing is estimated at 4300%, it serves as an excellent choice to increase your online school profits.

Now, think about what it can do for you when it is used effectively as part of your Black Friday campaign…

Build Your Black Friday Email Campaign

Currently, there are many different techniques that can make up your marketing strategy and position your Black Friday deals in the best light possible.

This hugely depends on the type of email you choose to use and send out to subscribers on your email list e.g. the welcoming email, the informational email, the newsletter, and the promotional email, amongst many others.

A winning Black Friday email campaign that is backed up with a series of well-designed and targeted emails can reach to your audience just as easily and quick, delivering the right message.

Be sure to also check our 3 Course Email Sequence Templates for launching your online course.

Black Friday Email Marketing Examples

The following list of email marketing examples gives out a great deal of information that can help you gather some inspiration for your email campaign:

Create Suspense: Surprise!

An email can do a lot of things and one of these is to create a feeling of suspense. The following example from Gwynnie Bee shows a virtual scratch card that was sent out as part of a promotional campaign. With just a simple CTA, the company encourages people to click on the email and reveal the percentage of the offer!

Effective, don’t you think? You can also create suspense through a free gift, a giveaway or a new product launch.

Example: Gwynnie Bee

Urgency: Tell them to ‘Hurry Up!’

According to ConversionXL, creating urgency can help you increase your sales by 323%! This sense of urgency tells people that they have limited time to purchase their offers.

Also, scarcity and FOMO are two effective techniques that can draw people into this. The fear of missing out is what brings people in because it tells them that this might be their last chance to join in. This along with other last-minute offers and psychological tricks can help you increase your sales in many clever ways.

Example: Google Store

Cart Abandonment / Failed Purchase: Hello again!

A great example that explains the abandoned cart email is Walmart’s email reminder that aims to re-engage visitors that already visited their site at a specific timeframe, but left without buying from them.

Likewise, at your LearnWorld’s school, you can check your students’ activities through the events log and find out if there are any ‘canceled sales’. In order to ‘win them over’, you can send them a different email that you would normally send out to those who are regulars. Or find out who are registered users but non-paying customers and re-approach them through email.

In the following example, notice how Walmart directs its audience on their social media, which is also part of their re-engagement strategy.

Example 1: Walmart

Example 2: Fab

Example 3: Casper

Reminders: ‘7 Hours Left!’

Most emails that are sent out to customers can work as reminders, but when it comes to special offers and promotions, each word you write on that email counts! Just like the ‘Hurry Up’ email, this one sends out the message that the day of the sale is approaching fast. The countdown timer email urges people to check out what’s available.

What’s unique about this email is that it can be sent multiple times reminding people how many days are left before the sale ends. Also, you can make it count the days/hours/minutes to the start or the end of the sale.

Example 1: Gap

Example 2: Zagg

Example 3: Teavana

The Cheesy Email: ‘We’ve Missed You’

Although this may sound cheesy, the ‘we missed you’ email can be super effective as it makes people feel unique. This type of email is often sent out to lost subscribers and can include a clever message that reminds people of the benefits of staying in touch with your business. Also, this is a great opportunity to show them what you have been up to.

Along with this email, it helps to send out information on new products, offer discounts on memberships, a coupon code, a checklist, an invitation to a webinar or a free ebook. All of these can help to re-engage those people who haven’t visited your site for some time.

Example: VetRxDirect

Straight to the Point: “50% OFF”

Why waste time on boring introductions and risk losing the attention of the reader? Sometimes the best approach to writing a promotional email is cutting to the chase and using a strong call-to-action statement with big bold letters that says exactly what it needs to say.

Nothing more, nothing less. In a way, what you see in this email is what you get. Hence, it requires simplicity in words, colors and rich media content.

Example: BB Dakota

Product Recommendations: “You might also like …”

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday bazaar offer the best timing to create new courses! So if you are planning to feature a brand-new course, send out an email informing your audience about it!

First, check out which students bought your courses and send them the new course that is relevant or similar to the one they bought previously. The ultimate goal is to send them an email encouraging them to check it out!

Example: DollarShaveClub

Going Big: “The Biggest Offer”

This is the type of email that says to your audience: ‘it’s time to buy the one thing you always wanted’, but was probably too expensive to do so in the past. What you can do is pick that one course that is not as popular as others and offer it at a better price – with a discount bigger than you usually do – just for this time.

Encourage your existing and new audience to buy their one-expensive favorite. As a plus, you can offer it along with other products e.g. a bundle, an e-book or any other physical product.

Example: Dean & Deluca

Engagement: “Take a Survey!”

Be proactive and encourage your audience to take action through your email. Do this by sending an invitation to a survey as a requirement to get a course discount, or simply visit your site. This should be something that would spark their attention immediately.

Be aware though. Not many people like taking part in surveys, especially when they don’t get something out of it. Avoid writing the word ‘survey’ in the email headline or if you chose to do so make sure you offer something in return e.g. ‘Take this Survey and Win a Free Course’!

Combine this with your Black Friday deal, any other seasonal sale, or when you want to get feedback from your customers.

Example: Kate Spade Saturday

Surprise: “Surprise, Surprise!”

Who doesn’t like surprises when they are good surprises? The best sales are the last ones because they can give a massive boost to your profits at a limited cost – that is, sending another email. Retaining the discounts when the sale didn’t go as expected has the potential to get you a couple of more sales.

Adding 2 or 3 days on your Black Friday deal can ‘do the trick’ and surprise your audience, supplying them with some extra time or even a bigger discount on your courses.

Example: Forever 21

There is no doubt that email still remains the best channel for digital marketing and sales, and will continue to be in 2020. Investing in email marketing for the upcoming Black Friday weekend is going to prepare your sales for a huge take-off. And these email examples are designed especially for this purpose!

On the Go: Essential Email Marketing Tips

Before you go, make sure to use the following marketing tips for your email creation:

Don’t forget to check out our article on how to write more effective emails to boost the performance of your Black Friday email campaign.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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