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Jazzing up Your Video Courses with the LearnWorlds Interactive Video Player

Video opener template with slashed color from LearnWorlds interactive video player.

Adding captions and overlays to your videos is about to get a whole lot easier with our Interactive Video Player.

The new editor is a real time- and money-saver. Up until now, how could you jazz up your videos, say by adding some titles, text or images on them?

What you had to do in the past was to engage in the burdensome and costly step of editing and post production for your videos. Either you would have to find and hire an (expensive) video expert or be equipped with expensive video editing software, a powerful computer and lots of time.

Not any more! With the LearnWorlds interactive video editor you can edit your videos on the fly (on the cloud).

With our new beautiful and easy to use templates you can choose amongst dozens of elements, add them on to your video with a simple click and liven up your videos, making them interactive and irresistible to your audience.

In this article I am going to give you only a taste of the captions available in our new Video Player and provide you with actionable tips you can take away and immediately apply. We will showcase the example of a cooking video. So, let’s take a look at the following tips:

1Add titles as openers

Choose from a variety of templates with which you can add titles as openers to your video.

This is one of our “video openers” templates
Another “opener” template with some slashed color. All the colors derive from your school’s color theme for a consistent look and feel!

2Add interactive labels

Give an overview of the ingredients you are going to use to carry out your recipe. You can even make those labels interactive by appearing a message every time the user clicks on them!

A few handy “labels” for pinpointing or explaining certain items in your video
Once the label is clicked an explanatory message appears. Neat, huh?

3Add textual elements

With textual elements you can pinpoint the ingredients you are using while carrying out your recipe. This way, viewers will remember the information more easily. You can also pause the video at that point and suggest the viewers to write down the ingredients.

Textual elements can be placed anywhere you need them inside the video
As with any other element, you can make textual elements totally interactive

4Overlay static pictures

You can add static pictures as overlays on the side of your video (or in the middle that also pause the video) to provide some extra information you have forgotten to mention within your video. You can even think of those information you will use before even recording your video. Make those pictures clickable or not.

A good looking “Picture with text” template. Everything you need for your recipes:)

5Add side titles

6) In cooking and other procedural videos there are always steps to be followed. Mentally think of those different steps as separate chapters. Go to the point where a specific step ends and add a side title to indicate the beginning of a new step.

Side titles help you structure your content

So, these were quick examples of just six of the elements which you can use to get your instructional videos to the next level when it comes to effectiveness and interactivity. And, while we don’t cover it in this article, take a look at screen recorders as a quick way to get your video content recorded and uploaded into LearnWorlds’ platform. This is just the beginning. Look for more tips and tricks to come in our next articles about the new features of our Interactive Video player!

This is just the beginning. There is more to come in our next articles about the new features of our Interactive Video player!

And don’t forget that for all the above elements you can easily customize them, by setting their format, when, where and how they appear, their general behaviour and their actions when clicked!

Take the time to experiment and very soon, you will find yourself creating beautiful interactive videos in seconds and blow away your students!

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