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Want to Teach English Online & Earn Money? Learn How

Online education has been here for quite some time. But, in these unprecedented times, and the impact COVID-19 is having on all businesses, many language teachers had been forced to move online.

This is not just a passing fad, rather it is a trend that will persist even in our post-covid world, as teachers get more acquainted with online teaching methods and comfortable reaching students from all over the world.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

Here’s what we’re covering:

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Let’s get started.

Generally, an English teacher has three options when it comes to teaching online. That being said, you have the option to work for a company that teaches the English language through an online portal, as a freelancer, or as an entrepreneur – opening an online business.

Let’s look at all three options in more detail:

1Working for an online English teaching company

As an English teacher, you could be working for an English teaching company online. This option is great as a starting point because most companies find the students for you and provide you with the lesson materials you need for your English lessons. There are many online English teaching jobs available out there, but you have to be able to choose a teaching company that suits you.

Some respectable English teaching companies are VIPKid, Cambly, QKids, and Dada among others. Most of these employers offer you the opportunity to work mainly with students from China, Japan, Korea, France, and Germany.

To secure a job with them, check the application process each company requires you to go through as this may vary. Also, consider different time zones when planning on teaching students from Asia.

2Teaching online as a freelancer

Another great way to teach online is to post your teacher profile in an online marketplace. A marketplace company like italki, Preply or Upwork, can bring you closer to students, acting like your teaching agent. Through the website, students can browse teacher profiles and choose you to become their English teacher. As a freelancer, you can set your own rates and have a say on the lesson materials.

You can also provide private lessons to local students as you would normally, but with a web-conferencing tool like Zoom, LiveWebinars etc.

3Teaching online using an elearning platform

Lastly, you have the option to start your own online business – to work for yourself, using an online learning platform like LearnWorlds. This option gives you the flexibility to work on your own terms, coming up with your teaching material and creating an online classroom that follows your own guidelines. The only difference with the other options is that as an edupreneur you will need to build your student base. To do so, you will need to heavily invest in marketing and social media.

But, having your own website, recorded classes and an automated sales engine has the potential to grow to a teaching business rather than a side-income activity.
Each pathway has its advantages and disadvantages and it depends on what you are after in terms of working conditions, pay, and the work you are prepared to put into it.

There are many benefits to teaching English online.

To start with, it is a highly-rewarding job in terms of pay. According to the International TEFL Academy, as an online English teacher, you can earn between $10-40 per hour depending on the type of lesson, your qualifications, and where your students come from. When working independently, you are responsible for your pricing rates and can potentially earn more than that.

On top of the financial aspect though, you will be in charge of educating the masses from the comfort of your own home or while you are on the move. Teaching English online gives you the flexibility to work your own hours and the freedom to come up with your own lesson planning packed with unique activities that you create and develop.

Unlike the traditional classroom, teaching English online takes away all the paperwork and makes everything easier and simpler.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the approach to teaching online has also opened up big time. The majority is choosing alternative ways of teaching and learning while making use of the technology to the fullest.

Currently, it looks like the demand for online English language tuition is flourishing, which means that the best time to act is now.

Teaching English online is possible as long as you have the right qualifications.
TEFL, TESL, and TESOL are the three different types of certifications that allow you to teach English to non-native English speakers.

To decide which one you should get, you need to know where you want to teach.

By completing a TEFL course, you are eligible to teach English as an online teacher. Earning at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate from an accredited course provider is ideal and most desirable as it equips you with all the necessary skills and experience to be able to work as an English tutor.

Having a Bachelor’s degree (in any subject) and relevant TEFL teaching experience (formal or informal) always counts as a plus but so is pursuing a specialist course in English. Because there are many specialty courses it’s important to choose what type of teaching job you want to take early on.

If you are a native speaker of the English language, it will be easier for you to start teaching since most online English teaching companies prefer that, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to succeed as a non-native English speaker.

Apart from getting qualified though, ensuring that you have everything you need to work as an online English teacher or start your own business as one, is vital.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step #1: Gather your equipment

Teaching English online can take place anywhere since it allows you to work from remote locations. However, it requires an internet connection (Wifi), a computer/laptop, a webcam, a reliable video conferencing tool like Zoom or Skype, and a headset.

Such equipment should help you carry out your online classes smoothly and efficiently.

Step #2: Decide on the student demographic

It’s important to study your student demographic before you take on an online English teaching job or decide to open your own business. Conducting some research on your students’ characteristics – age group, gender, nationality, and location should help you find out how well prepared you are to meet your students’ needs.

Step #3: Choose a teaching style

Deciding how your online classroom is going to be conducted is another crucial consideration. Are you going to teach students on a one-to-one basis or deliver online group classes? This will have you thinking about what’s the most appropriate teaching style to use. While this is a pre-set for those working for an online English teaching company – where you have to follow more specific rules, as an entrepreneur you need to experiment on different styles of teaching and choose the one(s) that work best for you.

Step #4: Pick your niche

Before you go into online English teaching, you need to be aware that there are many types of English lessons you can offer.

Below, are the most common:

Completing a specialty course or having additional knowledge on either of these topics – or any other niche that requires the use of the English language, can help determine your main teaching focus. Also, it can help you prepare for these classes – in terms of lesson planning, more effectively.

If you are considering teaching English as an ‘edupreneur’ – a term that describes an entrepreneur who works in the education sector, LearnWorlds is the best platform for you.

With our powerful course builder, you can create unique online courses within minutes, and build an online academy entirely around offering online English lessons to students.

More specifically, LearnWorld’s unique features and tools can make your life easy, allowing you to create interactive learning content and conduct live classes with your students.

Using H5P to create your English language courses:

LearnWorlds supports H5P content which means that you can create language-learning specific assessment activities to enhance comprehension or create exercises on the reading, writing, and listening skills required to learn the English language.

Some of the most prominent language learning activities are:

To create more specialized activities, English language tutors just like other foreign language teachers will need to use H5P at an additional cost for hosting those activities. Then once you create your content using H5P, you can easily embed it in your LearnWorlds course.

For more details on creating H5P content read our relevant article here.

Using Zoom integration to deliver online English classes:

LearnWorlds also comes with a Zoom integration that allows you to conduct live classes, which is the ideal method of delivering English language lessons.

When used through our platform, Zoom – the most popular live meeting software in the market, enables a live classroom environment that is user-friendly and easy-to-use. It also comes with a whiteboard, which is a much-needed tool for many teachers who are used to teaching with a whiteboard.

To use it, you will first need a Zoom account, which you can create here
*Using Zoom to conduct live classes that take less than 40 minutes is free of charge.

English is the mother tongue of the internet and computer technology. For the majority of people, learning how to speak English increases their chances of doing good at school, securing a job and succeeding in the world of business.

If you want to help people improve their ability to communicate with others in this popular and universal language, you can start teaching English online today.

Here at LearnWorlds, we offer you the best online learning platform and the tools to make it happen.
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Q.1: Can you teach English online without a degree?

Yes, you can teach English online without a Bachelor’s degree. The most important qualification you need to have is the TEFL certification, which is most widely accepted.

Q.2: What do you need to teach English online?

Teaching English online requires an internet connection (Wifi), a computer/laptop, a webcam, a reliable video conferencing tool like Zoom or Skype, and a headset.

Q.3: Can you teach English online full time?

Yes, some online English teaching companies allow you to work on a full-time basis.

Q.4: How much does it pay to teach English online?

As an online English teacher, you can earn between $10-40 per hour depending on the type of lesson you teach, your qualifications, and where your students come from.

Q.5: Is it easy to teach English online?

Teaching English online is easy as long as you know what you are after. If you want to secure a job with an employer you simply go through the application process and you get hired. If you want to open your own business as a teacher, you look for the best online learning platform that suits you and start offering online classes.

Q.6: Is it safe to teach English online?

To ensure whether it is safe to teach English online, check what each online English teaching employer can offer in terms of data protection.

Q.7: How old do you have to be to teach English online?

To be able to teach English online, you need to be an adult with a college or university degree or relevant certification.

Q.8: What qualifications do you need to teach English online?

Qualifications required to teach English online may vary per employer. Generally, obtaining a 120-hour TEFL certificate from an accredited course provider is most desirable since it is the TEFL industry’s standard.

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