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5 Actionable Course Marketing Ideas for Black Friday

| October 27, 2017 | 7 min read

The biggest sales event of the year, Black Friday, is around the corner coming on the 24th of November. Last year’s Black Friday, online sales surpassed the $3 billion dollar mark with one-third of it coming from mobile device, and Cyber Monday getting the first-time record on sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two amazing opportunities for online course creators to increase sales for the season with so much impulse buying along the way. Missing that opportunity, you might find December and January buyers to be out of budget for your courses.

So, how to take advantage of Black Friday sales? Read to find out 😉

Prepare your Black Friday Offers

What everyone is waiting for a Black Friday are massive discounts, special offers and unique offerings. Think carefully about what would resonate with your audience and would make sense to give away at low prices.

Fortunately, unlike other industries, online courses are intangible goods with no limitations on Sales, your inventory is inexhaustible. Check out some ideas of discounts and offers you can do for your online school to increase sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

1Massive Discounts

You can offer your courses at much lower prices than usual with the excuse of Black Friday, without lowering the perceived quality of your courses. You can use this chance to get those people on your email list that have never bought anything to buy at super discounted prices such as 70%, 80% and 90% off.

And you can always upsell them later, all the trick to sales is to get the customer to open their wallet!

black friday course marketing ideas

You can also use coupons to share different offers with different target groups.

2Scarcity Offers

A great technique is to take advantage of people’s “fear of missing out” (FOMO) reflex by creating limited spaces courses or study groups. People buy impulsively if they get a limited-time or limited-items offer.

A private or special offer for a limited number of people will entice many to buy, especially if it’s only available during the Black Friday Weekend.

3Free Course

A surprise gift is a great way to boost relationships and showcase your products. Create an intro course to give away for free or choose one of your existing cheap courses as a free giveaway.

Get this promotion out there early enough and entice people to sign up during the weekend.

You can also use LearnWorlds to create a bundle offer, giving one of your most-popular courses in a discounted price (e.g. 20% off) or in a “buy 2 get 1 free” offer. A small gift to everyone that buys during the sale period.

4Be creative in your offers

You can always offer some extra gifts and services as a gift. Think about usual paid services in your industry that you could offer as a gift to a course bundle:

5Surprise with a physical gift

How about going a step forward and offer a product related to your course?

If you were offering wine-tasting courses, you could send them a bottle. If you were offering beauty and hairdressing training, you could offer equipment and beauty products.

You can also send them a more personal gift such as a highly valued book of yours or from your industry, a customized calendar or poster or even create a thank you video for them.

Course Marketing Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

After preparing your discounts and Black Friday bundles, you will need to prepare your marketing strategy and tactics for the 5 days sales frenzy (yes 5 days). People start buying on Thanksgiving day and sales reach their peak on Black Friday but continue until Cyber Monday is over.

Here is what you should do to prepare for it

Build a Landing Page

Create a dedicated landing page for the offers and discounts you will be offering. Keep it simple and focused. If you have many offers you would like to promote, you can either create an Offers’ Page with all of them or have one Page for each offer.

With LearnWorlds you can easily build customizable landing pages for your courses, bundles and any extra gifts you might be offering along with it.

You should have in mind where people are coming from, you might be sending a different offer to people on Facebook and people from your Google Adwords ads, so you will need different landing pages for each one.

Social Media Campaigns

Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or are you using forums and groups?

Make an unforgettable offer for your social followers that will never forget, and bring a flood of sales to your school!!!

You can check out which courses are the most shared in your school and make an offer based on them, you can use SharedCount to see social shares of pages.

Take it Live

Your posts will probably won’t reach all of your audience, but guess what will reach most of it. Notifications of your Live session.

You can use Facebook, Instagram and Youtube’s live video to reach out your audience and give your offer on a Holiday special live broadcast.

Live video is the trend and much more exciting than simple promoted posts. You can then use the same video and spend some budget on it to share it with a wider audience.

You can even do a live short introduction of your course’s subject for a bigger impact!

Paid Social Media

Sometimes, you need to spend some money to make some. Promoting on social media on the day of the discount will help you get directly into the buyers on the day the intend to spend their money.

Promoted posts to your audience is a great way to start.
You can also create lookalike audiences on Facebook to promote to people similar to the ones that bought from you. Upload your customers’ emails on Facebook, choose the country or countries you wish to target and let Facebook to find similar people.

Then, setup an ad for them and let the cash flow!

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Email Marketing

Email marketing has the best Return of Investment (ROI) of any other marketing channel. It should not be missed from your email strategy. If you haven’t yet built your email list, read this article first.

Prepare your potential customers with an email showcasing your offer and let them know when it starts. Then, send them an email when the offer is live and one a few hours before it ends.

And … remember, the subject lines is what determines whether someone will open the email or not. Here are some very popular Black Friday subject words and phrases and how well they perform by Omnisend:

Source: Omnisend.com

Design Matters and how to do it right

Discounts drive sales, but beautiful design, consistency and the right visual are important to increase trust and the offer’s visibility which in turns will bring more sales. Which means, creating a visually appealing banner is essential.

Don’t have the right skills for it? Do not worry, here are a few ways to create your banners without any design skills 😉

Bannersnack Banner Templates

Bannersnack is an awesome intuitive and easy to use tool to create your banners. You can start with the free tool to build your banners to host your discount prices. Remember to check the ad sizes for Facebook, Adwords or the other channels you will be using require.

You can even go to their blog and choose one of the 18 Black Friday Banner Ads Examples, click on it and start editing!

Black Friday Templates from Bannersnack

Printscreen Your School’s Discounts

LearnWorlds gives you an awesome Pages builder which you can use to easily create your Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts. You can do this for one or more courses using one of the many course preview templates included in the Pages Builder.

Then all you need to is to save those offers as images and share them in your newsletter, across your Social Media, or even use them as Ads/banners in Facebook and on your website.

Course offer with discount

Capturing an image is really easy. If you are working on a windows machine you can use the built-in Windows Snipping Tool and if you are working on a Mac, simply type Shift+Command+4 to capture the image.

Free Images For Your Banners

You can look for royalty free images for your banners on Google by searching for images “Labeled for reuse”.

And you can also visit one of the below websites for more royalty free images:

Extra tips for effective campaigns

Mobile vs Desktop: Mobile is growing in ecommerce and buys, but still people are buying more on Desktops. Be sure that your ads and pages are optimised for mobile (we make sure that your online school is).

Humour & Jokes: Make ‘em smile or laugh and you own them. Humour is an essential part of human communication and a good mood associated with your products will increase your sales (source).

Urgency & Scarcity: Be timely, instill a sense of urgency and a time related discount, and make them feel that what you offer is scarce to get impulse buys!

Start on ThanksGiving: It’s not just 3 days, but a 5 days spending frenzy. People begin buying on ThanksGiving and end late on Monday, take advantage of it and you can also do a pre-week or after-week sales offer for all those that missed your original one (be sure to offer something different or different discount).

Ready for a flood of sales? You still have time to create an online school and launch your courses on time for Black Friday!

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