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9 Successful Black Friday Landing Page Examples To Inspire You

Androniki Koumadoraki
10 min
Black Friday Landing Page Examples and top performing landing pages.

Black Friday is just around the corner! And we don’t need to tell you that it’s a huge deal both for brick-and-mortar and online stores! This year’s Black Friday falls on the 25th of November. Many businesses have already started preparing for the… special day by updating their web pages to draw attention to special deals and discounts.

Since Black Friday is one of the most anticipated sales, just one breath away from the holiday season, it’s high time you put those discounted price tags out and started selling online courses to new customers.

Never done it before?

Don’t worry, Black Friday marketing doesn’t differ substantially from what you normally do. You just need to spice things up a bit. We’re here to help you update your sales page to make it super-attractive and irresistible!

In this blog post, we have collected some great Black Friday landing page examples to send some inspiration your way on how to promote your online courses by revamping your landing page design (and your messaging).

9 Successful Black Friday Landing Page Examples To Inspire You

#1 Tony Robbins

Industry: Life Coaching
Style: Inspirational/Motivational

tony robbins website screenshot

For his 2022 holiday marketing campaign, Tony Robbins celebrates the beginning of the holiday season with a powerful, heartwarming image on the hero section of his landing page. Evoking emotion and calling out to our need to spend quality time with loved ones, Tony sent out inspiring and loving messages that prompted people to show their affection.

For those who need that extra push, Tony helps them figure out how to start through a quiz. So instead of letting visitors leave the site right away, he gives them a reason to stay a little longer, increasing their odds of buying.


Tony focuses a lot on the messaging of his offering, getting people pumped. He encourages them to click on the call-to-action button that takes them to the products page, where people will “unwrap the magic of transformation.”


The product pages are super easy to navigate. Each offer has a clear call to action, “SHOP NOW” or “GET TICKETS,” and leads to a dedicated landing page with more information, bold messaging, and attractive visuals.

#2 Passion for Savings

Industry: Money Management
Style: Product Listing/Blog

passion for savings website screenshot

Passion for Savings is a website that features coupons and online deals and shares money-saving tips. For this year’s Black Friday campaign, the company featured a hero image showing that the sales season is officially here. Intending to lead people to check out the Black Friday deals, a CTA button takes them directly to the main page of interest.

Right below the main hero section, you can see a section divider, a clear headline that directs site visitors to two other pages – Best Black Friday Deals and – Black Friday Alerts. It does so without disturbing the flow of the copy or impeding other key elements on the page.

The Black Friday Alerts are used as a great lead magnet for those who want to opt-in to stay up to date with upcoming deals. It’s also effective because it doesn’t ask people for many details – just their first name and email address.

Overall, this landing page is clean and has lots of white space that gives it a proper structure.

#3 EngageBay

Industry: Email Marketing Software
Style: Playful

engagebay screenshot website

EngageBay has created a dedicated landing page to promote its big holiday sale, including all major upcoming holidays (e.g., Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas). The company decided to combine these holidays together in the same campaign. To spice things up, the company created its own version of holiday sales, giving a unified headline, “Holidays SaaS Deals 2022.”

The main section of the landing page presents the upcoming offering right away using bold letters, 40% off for a lifetime, prompting visitors to provide only their email address to get notified as soon as the offer is live. This is a very nice and direct example of creating anticipation for potential customers.

Talking directly to the target audience by highlighting the benefits (market better. Sell faster. Support smarter) is always an effective marketing strategy.

#4 JoomlaShine

Industry: Website Design, CMS
Style: Bold, Attention-grabbing

JoomlaShine’s landing page template features the biggest deal of the year and wants customers to know all about it. What’s great about this example is that they tell their target audience they don’t do this often, reinforcing the message that this is an enormous opportunity they shouldn’t miss.

The countdown timer is another powerful marketing campaign component, as it prompts site visitors to act fast and creates a sense of urgency. If potential customers are interested in the product, then they need to do something before it’s too late, as the 50% offer for the Black Friday for a limited time – 72 hours.

Countdown timers are excellent tools for presenting special offers and work as great attention-grabbers.

The opportunity to subscribe to the email newsletter is spot-on as well since it comes right next to the countdown timer and prompts subscribers to take action immediately.

#5 RafflePress

Industry: Website Design, WordPress plugins
Style: Informative

rafflepress website screenshot

RafflePress – a WordPress plugin for building contests and giveaways, shows an excellent example of a giveaway that can be used as part of a promotional campaign.

Creating a special offer banner that has a countdown timer, the company gives a quick description of the sale. At this point, it is important to make it as easy as possible for the site visitor to access the sale and learn how they can claim their coupon, and RafflePress does it well.

Apart from that, RafflePress Black Friday’s 2022 deal offers 50 percent off all their plans, and this is more visible through their pricing page. From there, you can tell that prices have dropped big time, offering potential customers the limited LIFETIME opportunity to join.

rafflepress website pricing screenshot

#6 HandleTheHeat

Industry: Cooking/Baking
Style: Bold, Enticing

Chef and baking master, Tessa Arias is behind HandleTheHeat – a successful baking business specializing in desserts and cookie making. To take full advantage of the Black Friday season back in 2021, Tessa built a landing page and promoted her course as part of a discounted bundle.

The course bundle came with a handbook hard copy with her baking recipes, a baking class, and a Christmas cookies ebook, all three in one. This discount saved over 50% off the regular price and presented itself as a winning opportunity.

On the homepage, Tessa got people to sign up for her email list, offering a free product. This is a free cookie customization chart and works as a great incentive to get them on her email list.

Apart from the Black Friday deal, Tessa knew she had more chances to increase those conversion rates by encouraging people to become subscribers first.

After all, email marketing works! You can learn more about it here.

#7 I Create Art

Industry: Online art school
Style: Playful, Educational

I Create Art website screenshot Black Friday 2021

I Create Art is an online art school for kids and adults that likes to celebrate the Christmas holidays. This becomes obvious as you visit their landing page. For their Black Friday marketing campaign in 2020, they featured their course art boxes and promoted them as holiday gifts.

Also, they had themes and bundles boxes, single box courses, and holiday theme boxes, and offered a special discount on their subscription plans.

The countdown timer to Christmas is the first thing you notice when you land on the page. The Black Friday and Cyber month deal appears further down the page, but it still stands out when compared to other elements, and it’s highlighted with bright colors.

I Create Art website screenshot Black Friday 2020

Using the color combination of red, green, yellow, and black creates those playful Christmas-y vibes that get the site visitors in the mood for holidays, preparing them to relax and invest their money in the best possible way. Besides, art education is all about unleashing your creativity and having fun, both of which go well with the holiday spirit.

To purchase the courses, site visitors need to first enroll in the school and then make their order. This explains why the main call-to-action button remains the “Create Account” at the top right-hand side corner of the homepage.

#8 The School of Calisthenics

Industry: Online fitness coaching
Style: Bold, Inspirational

The School of Calisthenics website screenshot 2021 Black Friday

The School of Calisthenics has built a powerful landing page that is spot-on and gives out the information its target audience needs to see right away.

Their web page is clean, with all the page elements arranged to make the copy easy to read. Each section has its own purpose – this gives the page proper structure and improves the overall user experience.

Back in 2021, The School of Calisthenics nailed the page design and effectively communicated the Black Friday special offer.

The School of Calisthenics screenshot 2021 Black Friday

The call to action was crystal clear and bold, leading prospective customers straight to a dedicated Black Friday page with a countdown timer and the exclusive Black Friday sale of 50% off.

The School of Calisthenics 2021 Black Friday

Apart from training programs, potential customers could enroll in the school and get a membership at half the original price.

Focusing on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) with phrases like “Don’t Miss Out” and listing down all the benefits of a subscription, The School of Calisthenics encouraged people to sign up for their courses.

The School of Calisthenics Black Friday offer 2021

They also explained straightforwardly how people could claim the discount using the Black Friday code at the checkout.

#9 Canine Principles

Industry: Online school for dog training
Style: Informational

Canine Principles website screenshot Black Friday 2021

Canine Principles is another excellent landing page example that shows how you can entice your site visitors to buy during the holiday season. Back in 2021, while they didn’t create a dedicated section on the page to promote Black Friday, they placed a relevant banner right after the hero image to make it stand out.

For their Black Friday sale, they offered individual courses and course packages at half price using coupons. Notice how the coupon code refers back to the industry, and the course subject taught at this online school and uses black and red colors to match the day.

Canine Principles website offer Black Friday 2021

Apart from the discount, the school also offered a free course, incentivizing more people to sign up.

Canine Principles website Black Friday 2021

What we really loved about Canine Principles is that the site also includes customer testimonials and features their social media channels and online community. This comes as an excellent add-on for the kind of services they are offering.

Key Elements of a Black Friday Landing Page

The eCommerce is on fire on Black Friday, warming up consumers for the upcoming holiday sales! You’ve got to grab this opportunity and create a Black Friday landing page that stands out and encourages people to interact with you. The page copy/content and web page design should lead people to take a certain action that aligns with your goals – either opt-in, reach out, or buy your course.

These are the key elements you need to pay attention to:

These should help you create a landing page that stands out and makes it clear to potential customers what they can get out of this year’s online Black Friday sales.
With LearnWorlds, you don’t need a separate landing page builder to create amazing landing pages.

LearnWorlds Online School Site Builder enables you to build a landing page, sales, or product page within a few minutes and with zero coding. Choose from a variety of ready-made templates and customize your landing page with countdown timers, pop-ups, special offers, testimonials, animations, and many more!

Ready to Build a High-Converting Black Friday Landing Page?

The key to effective Black Friday marketing is to build a landing page that will present your courses smartly while offering a pleasant user experience. Paying attention to all the elements that we outlined above will help you showcase your special course bundle or offer and create an amazing, high-quality landing page that converts.

So, have you prepared your Black Friday deals yet?

Get your free 30-day trial with LearnWorlds today and create your Black Friday deals on online courses with our state-of-the-art platform!

P.S.: Don’t forget to prepare for the other important dates between Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Small business Saturday is the equivalent of a “Small Business Black Friday Sales”, then prepare for the holiday season for a post-Black Friday sales period:

Dec. 12: Green Monday
Dec. 17: Super Saturday
Dec. 18-26: Hanukkah
Dec. 24: Christmas Eve
Dec. 25: Christmas Day
Dec. 26: Boxing Day
Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we have black Friday sales?

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is considered the first day of the Holiday shopping season. Many employees take a long weekend off starting on Thanksgiving and take the opportunity to do their holiday shopping. Retailers started competing on opening hours and discounts over the Friday after Thanksgiving, which was eventually named Black Friday.

When will black Friday sales start?

Black Friday for 2022 is on the 25th of November.
Black Friday for 2023 is on the 24th of November.

How long do black Friday sales last?

Different stores have different start and end dates for their Black Friday sales. Some stores offer discounts for the whole of November, while some keep it only on Black Friday and the follow-up weekend, sometimes including (Cyber) Monday.

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