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This year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday bazaar is around the corner and people from all around the world (and the web!) will start taking advantage of their one-and-only chance tο buy their favorite products at a discounted price!

Do the dates 23rd and 26th of November ring a bell? Of course, they do! But if you haven’t saved these days on your calendar yet, this is the perfect time to do so!

For every online instructor, BFCM offers the best opportunity to promote their products and approach more people from their target group. In fact, this is exactly what every business and their customers have been waiting for all year long. Haven’t you?

What’s awesome with online courses is that you can offer the gift of knowledge at a better price and with unlimited options on discounts! Besides, is there a better way to invest in the everlasting piece of knowledge and help others share and promote education?

If you are looking for an opportunity to increase your sales, reading through this guide may be exactly what you need…

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Do Your Research

The right mentality for the success of this big November sale comes with good preparation. Starting your marketing planning as early as October is ideal, as it gives you plenty of time to prepare your marketing campaign for the day(s). In fact, the earlier you start the better.

A survey from RetailMeNot finds that more than half of US shoppers begin their holiday shopping before Black Friday. This means they are on ‘scouting’ mode well in advance and you need to start early and be able to respond accordingly.

Now, the real question to ask yourself is how can you make this special occasion profitable for your business. Essentially, this is your starting point:

First, it might help to ask yourself the following:

Start from scratch and make everything count! PS: You don’t have to paint it all black!

Make Your Plan

Take the time to plan and organise your course sales and by all means, don’t save it up to the last minute. Planning your course sale campaign needs more time than money and allowing yourself to schedule things in advance is essential to BFCM success.

1Choose Your Product:

The main product here is courses and this can work as an advantage since you sell an intangible product that can be easily promoted in a bulk number. However, along with these, some instructors may choose to ‘bargain’ other products that are physical and supplementary to courses. A welcoming gift bucket along with a course could be the perfect present for attracting newcomers.

Amazon does a great job promoting the right products judging from the interest of their clients. For example, the business is more likely to offer products that are similar to each other and are often bought together. Drawing examples from previous customer behaviour they can predict what will sell or not. For courses, this would mean choosing and promoting the most popular by customer demand.

Tip: Just like every successful marketer, you have to think about who you are approaching and give attention to their main needs and characteristics. This should help you choose the most appropriate product to put ‘on sale’. Defining your target audience is always important, but more so when you have are getting your ‘Sales Benchmark’ out.

An excellent idea would be to re-target past visitors and customers. These are people who have come across your school, but possibly forgotten about your ‘product’ but today are may be willing to buy from you.

2Choose Your Discount Type:

After choosing your product, it’s time to set up your discount strategy. Should you give out a free gift, massive discount, other services except for courses (consultation), coupons for course deals? Or does a seasonal coupon that creates the sense of urgency and scarcity works better?

Here are a few good options to consider:

Tip: Most retailers and entrepreneurs choose to start their offers from Thanksgiving and now it has become the norm. This gives them a total of 5 days to advertise, promote, to sell and go all-in on course sales!

3Set Your Price:

You might think that price isn’t as important but as far as newcomers are concerned, what you decide to put on that price tag matters…a lot. Think about it: It helps to create first impressions and those who don’t know you need to have an extra motive to buy.

At this point, it’s important to pay attention to weight out your costs and profits after choosing the specific product. This means that you have to evaluate how much it costs to create the product and how much to promote it. Weighing out your options can help you decide on the best deal for you and your customers.

Setting the right price for product sales is easy. All you have to think about is the cost per unit (including money and time), the target value you intend to generate as opposed to the number of people you are targeting and expect to respond. When shipping is involved it gets more complicated with all the expenses for it, but you don’t have to get into that with courses! (That’s another plus!)

Now, the following examples on course bundles can help you decide on your own sales price:

*All case study examples are taken from Popsci

As you can see, all three case studies present a tremendous drop in the price during a sales period. Following these examples, you can create a bundle of courses that you would normally let’s say, sell for $350 at $89 available for this holiday and limited-time only.

Choose your own discount percentage and promote your sale!

Take Action

Planning is over and it’s time to out and about. In case you haven’t thought of these, here are some strategies you can try out to make a difference this year:

A safe bet would be for you to start sending emails to your customers from your email list a few weeks before the event. For better effectiveness, you can also send a VIP group and call out to 100-200 participants or offer early-bird access to the most loyal customers. Also, make sure to customize the emails and their subject lines. Some popular BFCM words that you can use and catch the attention are ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’, ‘Holiday’, ‘Free’, ‘Don’t Miss’, ‘Save’, ‘Now’.

Record your process and check your campaign’s performance!

Track Your Results

All of the strategies we mention in this article, can work if they are executed in the appropriate time-frame and are given the right amount of focus they need. What’s important for every online instructor is to come up with a better and more valuable offer each time and every time a big event like BFCM is on the calendar. For this reason, every marketing campaign needs regular monitoring and an ‘after-match’ evaluation:

Trial and error can help you figure out what works best and then apply it to your existing marketing strategies. Google Analytics and Google Tracking are essential tools for tracking and measuring campaign success. The purpose of this is to figure out what to avoid doing the same mistakes in the future. However, demand changes frequently and keeping an open eye to marketing and consumer trends is essential!

A Few Tips ‘on the Go’:

So, are you ready for BFCM 2018? The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday is going to be the busiest shopping weekend of the year! Even though it’s more than a month away, it’s important for online business/schools to start preparing.

Make sure you don’t miss out! Oh, and good luck!

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