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Product Education for Your Corporate Academy (Quick Guide)

Educating your customers on the use of your product, whether this is a tangible product, a service or a software is important in many levels. It can bring in new leads, customers, revenue streams or increase retention.

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However, when most people start building training material, they subconsciously model their courses after the training they have seen for several years in school. They end up creating educational experiences where an expert talks at the customer at length.

Training programmes are created that constitute large collections of knowledge and expertise. But dumping knowledge onto customers gets tedious and overwhelming (massive content catalogs, boring webinars or detailed docs).

The greatest danger is that putting an expert in front of your users to deliver knowledge, may be ineffective and a waste of everyone’s time. Customers are also students and users of your product at the same time, they often come back with fundamental support questions, or they simply don’t adopt our product.

Why is this happening? Why are students dropping off from our pieces of training despite the massive work we have invested in our courses?

It is because they lack motivation. In reality, we learn only when we’re ready and motivated to learn. When it comes to customer education, we have to educate people on not just how to use our product, but quite frankly, they need the product and ways they can use it.

This is what motivates them to study.

Building Motivation

When we learn new things, there are specific thoughts we make inherently:

– Will something we learn solve a problem we are having?
– Will it afford us some new opportunities?
– Will it help us grow professionally or personally?

At every stage of education people need to get the real value. This is much more true for customer education.

Advancing Skills through Product Education

The feeling of becoming more competent makes us want to continue to challenge ourselves. Showcase the use of your product and challenge people to find solutions with it.

Besides, customers will get to know the real value of your product only if they start using it! Here are four essential questions you must do to yourself while designing your academy to build motivation:

Prioritizing the Customer

This is the case here: When you focus on teaching your product, feature by feature, you are restricting learners from making themselves competent at something. You always make sure that you cover all of your features. However, you don’t showcase these features in real-life.

What you have to do is to put the learner first and not the content:

Make sure that you don’t introduce basic and advanced skills all at once. Don’t forget that people also tend to be more motivated when they feel they are making autonomous decisions.

The more control they feel like they have, the more likely they are to stay motivated. You can accomplish this in your courses by wisely choosing your LMS.

Deciding the Content

Educating customers is more than merely putting information out there. Focusing on our product and our product’s features is entirely insufficient to generate customer engagement. Instead, we should focus on what customers can do with them. And also choose an elearning platform that can offer the right learning experiences.

When it comes to creating your content make it about them:

Think about your users. They care about doing their jobs well and not that much about your product. So, make sure you provide your users with the inspiration to use your product to get better at their jobs and drive productive changes in their lives.

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