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8 Best Black Friday Course Landing Pages to Get You Inspired

When it comes to selling online courses, you need to know this: it never hurts to promote them!

Especially on big special holiday occasions like Black Friday.

Research by SpendMeNot reveals that in 2019 Black Friday saw 93.2 million buyers shopping online, and the sales skyrocketed at 7.4 billion which was the highest point of all time.

Considering that the average adult plans to spend up to $400 on Black Friday sales this year, it’s best to act smart and quick.

This year’s Black Friday season will provide you with the best opportunity to feature your courses through an impressive landing page and offer exclusive discounts to your existing and new customers.

In this article, we have compiled a list of landing pages created by LearnWorlds’s customers to help you build yours for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Let’s dive in!

1I Create Art

I Create Art’s landing page

I Create Art is an online art school for kids and adults that likes to celebrate the Christmas holidays and this becomes obvious as you visit their landing page. For their Black Friday marketing campaign last year, they featured their course art boxes and promoted them as holiday gifts.

Also, they had themes and bundles boxes, single box courses, holiday theme boxes, and offered a special discount on their subscription plans.

The countdown timer to Christmas is the first thing you get to see when you land on the page. The Black Friday and Cyber month deal appears further down the page but it still stands out when compared with other elements and it is highlighted with bright colors.

I Create Art’s BFCM offer

Using the color combination of red, green, yellow, and black creates those playful Christmas-y vibes that get the site visitors in the mood for holidays, preparing them to relax and invest their money in the best possible way. Besides, art education is all about unleashing your creativity and having fun.

To purchase the courses, site visitors need to first enroll in the school and then make their order. This explains why the main call-to-action button remains the ‘Create Account’ at the top right-hand side corner of the homepage.

2Fried Online

FriEd Online’s landing page

Fried Online is an online school that helps you become a better educator and online instructor.

While Fried Online doesn’t feature a dedicated Black Friday offer on their page, they have a large variety of courses featured as their ‘Fried Specials’ to promote their course selection that is on sale.

What’s interesting about their pricing options here, is the fact that they included the original price of the course and then wrote the discounted price to show the difference between them. This huge drop in the price makes these online deals so appealing.

Including both prices is a common pricing strategy called anchoring, which helps to increase your course sales. To learn more about it and how you can use it, check out this article.

FriEd Online’s course special offers

To ensure that they won’t be losing any potential leads even when they do not choose to buy, Fried Online has included an opt-in form at the bottom of their homepage.

Fried Online’s opt-in form

Encouraging site visitors to become subscribers to their newsletter, can help boost their chances of making a purchase. Email marketing helps to establish a nurturing relationship with customers and feeding them with useful information like company news, special offers, and promotional information, and those emails you send out never go to waste.

3The School of Calisthenics

The School of Calisthenics’ landing page

The School of Calisthenics has built a powerful landing page that is spot-on and gives out the information their target audience needs to see right away.

Their web page is clean and all the page elements are arranged in a way that makes the copy easy to read. Each section has its own purpose and apart from giving it proper structure it also improves the overall user experience. The school has nailed the page design and communicated the Black Friday special offer effectively.

The School of Calisthenics’ BF sale

The CTA here is subtle yet strong as it leads people straight to a dedicated Black Friday page that features a countdown timer, and the exclusive Black Friday sale of 50 percent off.

The School of Calisthenics’ countdown timer

Apart from training programs, potential customers can enroll in the school and get a membership at half the original price.

Focusing on FOMO – fear of missing out with phrases like ‘Don’t Miss Out’, and listing down all the benefits that come with a subscription, the calisthenics trainers are encouraging people to sign up for their courses.

The School of Calisthenics’ monthly membership offer

They also make sure to explain how people can claim the discount with the use of the Black Friday code at the checkout.

4MJ Tutoriels

MJ Tutoriels’ landing page

Through their landing page, MJ Tutoriels show that it’s super easy to make any web page relevant to Black Friday. The only thing you need is to add a holiday season-related landing page section and create a special coupon for it.

MJ Tutoriels are pros when it comes to producing music and they are ready to teach you to do the same. For their 2020 Black Friday marketing campaign, they made some changes to their landing page and created a special coupon that customers can use upon checkout.

With the coupon code MJBLACK, customers get a 50 percent discount and the website is encouraging them to exploit this advantage while they can.

MJ Tutoriels’ course catalog

When navigating further down the page, you see the course catalog where selected courses have more discounts. This is an effective way to get people interested in the courses, especially if those on offer are already your most popular.

5Canine Principles

Canine Principles’ landing page

Canine Principle is another excellent landing page example that shows how you can entice your site visitors to buy during the holiday season. While they didn’t create a dedicated section on the page to promote Black Friday, a relevant banner that comes right after the hero image stands out.

For their Black Friday sale, they chose to offer individual courses and course packages at half price with the use of coupons. Notice how the coupon code refers back to the industry and the course subject taught at this online school and uses the black and red colors to match the day.

Canine Principles’ Black Friday banner

Apart from the discount, the school is also offering a free course, and that works as an incentive to get more people to sign up.

Canine Principles’ course giveaway

What’s great about it is that Canine Principles also include customer testimonials, and feature their social media channels and online community. This comes as an excellent add-on for the kind of services they are offering.

6Milan Fashion Campus

Milan Fashion Campus’ landing page

Milan Fashion Campus offers online fashion courses and its goal is to help prepare the next generation of fashion designers. To do that, they are not afraid to go big on their Black Friday promotion.

As you can see on their page, the Black Friday Super Sale works as a great landing page section divider and that makes it hard to miss. The headings are large and bold. This way, they want to make sure that every visitor that lands on here, knows there is a big sale going on.

Milan Fashion Campus’ BF sale

For the most indecisive site visitors, they have added a clear CTA that encourages them to enroll in a free fashion lesson.

Course CTA

The Black Friday sales start with 60 percent off the original price of the course bundle, but as time passes the price goes higher. The fashion school gives interested students the opportunity to enroll early and avoid paying the higher price.

This pricing strategy works because it prompts users to act fast and save more, before the discounted price increases.

Milan Fashion Campus’ Black Friday offer

They also have FAQs that help to answer common questions interested students may have and eliminate any of their concerns regarding enrolling in the courses.


X28Fitness’ landing page

X28Fitness is a fitness training and nutrition school that offers exclusive online training to people interested in improving their physical fitness and lifestyle. To make a greater impact and target their customers better, they decided to include a video on their landing page, and feature their training programs.

Since video is more direct and attention-grabbing, it stands higher chances to boost conversion rates.

In regards to Black Friday, the school directs users to ‘Claim Their Spot Now’ offering a big sale for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday comes right after the Black Friday weekend and lots of people are still on the lookout for a real bargain.

The 65 percent discount is a valid reason for customers to join the November challenge.

X28Fitness’ Cyber Monday sale CTA

The Cyber Monday holiday sale lasts only for a limited time and the copy is giving out a sense of urgency with ‘Last chance to join’.

8CG Force

CG Forge’s landing page

CG Forge offers professional tutorials and courses to 3D artists. Their landing page appears to be clean, following a logical structure that makes it easy to navigate the website. To get people to sign up for their courses, the school lists three important reasons and includes additional features, like early access, certifications, extra resources, free courses, and the ability to download high-quality course files.

For their 2020 Black Friday marketing campaign, they also added a section that was dedicated to it. The copy is rather simple but still catches the attention followed by a CTA button that allows site visitors to get more information on the monthly subscriptions.

CG Forge’s Black Friday sale description

CG Forge takes the time to explain to their customers what they can expect from their Black Friday offer. They do so by going into their pricing options and letting them know how they are saving money.

As the pricing table shows, each subscription plan comes with a free month. As the pricing of the subscription increases the same happens to the number of months they get for free.

CG Forge’s Black Friday pricing options

Landing page examples like these can give you some brilliant ideas on how to create yours.
The best thing is that you don’t need any landing page builder to do so.

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Ready to Build a High-Converting Black Friday Landing Page?

In digital marketing, the purpose of a landing page is to bring more leads, increase those conversion rates and get you more course sales.

With Black Friday approaching fast your biggest sale as an online entrepreneur is waiting for you around the corner! The possibility of getting some new students enrolling in your courses is at its highest, and the best time to act is now.

Are you planning to create a course landing page to feature your school’s biggest Black Friday deals?

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