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Introducing New Course Contents Templates to Showcase Your Courses

After months of developing course content, it is finally ready to go. You have uploaded videos, prepared quizzes and set up certificates. What’s next?

It is now time to present your course in such a way that persuades visitors to sign up. No sales page is complete without a welcome message, introducing the instructor, the learning outcomes and the contents of your course(s). All these have to be presented in a clear, beautiful and informative way.

Of course, every school is unique, and every course needs to be presented differently. Only LearnWorlds offers a wide variety of course templates for every course!

Yes, we offer several different design templates for presenting your most valuable asset, your product’s contents. And it’s not just one, but 10 different templates for every need.

So, which course content template will work for you?

The Classic Course Content Template: This is a clear presentation with the text of your learning units on the front stage.

classic course content template

Here’s another template with a condensed view and sections descriptions. This template comes handy when you want the focus to be on the structure of your course. By clicking on the section title, the contents of each section are displayed.

course content template screenshot

A combination of section description and all learning activities. Each section is a block and it is easily separated by the other ones.

course content template screenshot

The following template is condensed and initially displays the section’s description and offers a summary of the number of learning units that it contains. The expand link allows the students to delve into the contents of the section.

course content template screenshot

This is probably the most intriguing content template with the first column summarizing the learning contents of the course, horizontal scroll, sections’ description, and images. Then, when hovering over each section, the contents are revealed. This is a design focused on linearity which calls the user to explore the course contents more than the other templates.

course content template screenshot

The following Course Content template is similar to the previous one, only now we have skipped the first column and the images. It is a more straightforward way to present your course contents.

course content template screenshot

Here comes the second set of course contents with a black background for a more elegant presentation. The first three sections have some additional details because small details make the difference.

course content template screenshot
course content template screenshot
course content template screenshot

The last two content templates require you to upload an image for each learning unit. The first one presents 4 learning units per row (for courses with plenty of content).

course content template screenshot

The second one presents 2 learning units per row but even if you have only a couple of them, your course still looks spectacular.

course content template screenshot

The Course Content Templates are flexible and aesthetically pleasing; they have functionality, for presenting short or lengthy courses, with or without images, with or without section descriptions, with or without expandable views. The Course Content Templates are also a handy tool for differentiating your course from the thousands of other courses.

Why don’t you try them for yourself?

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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