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The Secret to High-Ticket Online Courses

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When we hear the phrase “online course”, most of us immediately think of the roughly $397 self-paced program from our favorite experts.

And while the typical price point for most online courses is under $1,000, there is a sub-category of courses that commands well above that

It is the Premium Online Course, most commonly delivered as a Hybrid Online Course.

Side note: while the term “high-ticket” is often used to describe a course that costs over $1,000, I actually find that terminology to be a disservice to the product, as it focuses on price rather than value.

So, I will be referring to it as a Premium Course instead of a High-Ticket Course.

In this article, we’ll cover:

What is a Premium Course

Premium courses have five key characteristics that distinguish them from their lower-priced cousins. And it’s the combination of all five that makes for a powerful and profitable Premium Course.

Client Results

Your Premium Course must be designed in a way that gets clients results.

Because, after all, that’s what they will be paying for. Without this, the other characteristics won’t matter.

These days, information is plentiful and does not command a premium price.

Google, YouTube, and thousands of free content sites provide the audience with more information than they can handle.

So a course that will command a premium price must focus on results rather than information.
A good online course solves one pressing problem for a specific client avatar.

The key here is on the solution.

Your course must deliver a path that takes your client from where they are today to where they want to be.

Bonus points for being able to get them there as quickly as possible.

After all, we don’t want to take up any more of our clients’ time than is necessary to help them achieve the promised results.

Premium Experience

While the results the course gets for clients is the most important component, the experience matters too. It will determine how they FEEL while taking your course and whether that feeling is consistent with a premium price point.

Think about a first-class plane ticket.

While the destination (the results) are the same as the economy class ticket, the experience is completely different!

And that is a big component of being able to charge and maintain a premium price for your course.

Using a well-designed LMS (Learning Management System), such as LearnWorlds, is a great way to ensure that the entire experience for the clients is seamless and beautiful.

From the moment your client enrolls through one of LearnWorld’s professional payment gateways, through the well-designed onboarding process, through the content delivery using eBooks and interactive videos, the entire experience feels seamless, professional, and well-designed – providing the customer a feeling of being well taken care of.

Multiple Methods

Many people think that an online course is just a series of videos.

And while some courses are just that – and with the LearnWorlds Interactive Video feature, these can be much more powerful than regular video courses, adding other forms of content is powerful – creating both a better experience and better results, further validating your premium price point.

I guide my clients to use multiple methods for content delivery to ensure that all learning styles are served and the information is presented in the best possible way for the specific topic.

For example:

Not only does combining methods create better outcomes, but it also allows you to reach more learning styles and a wider audience.

Personal Support

This one can really differentiate your premium course from many other courses and is directly correlated to the kind of results your clients can get.

Where do your clients need more support than the automated content can provide?

Consider adding 1-1 or group support to your automated modules to supercharge results and greatly increase how much you can charge.

I call this the Hybrid Online Course model (more on that below) – creating modules for the streamlined learning path and connecting directly with clients to customize and support them deeper.

Now sure, this won’t result in fully automated service, but the premium you’ll be able to charge, and the better results you can get for your clients will be worth the bit of extra effort involved in this model.

Personalized Enrollment Experience

And the final characteristic is a personalized enrollment experience (more on that below). While a great landing page is important, at a premium price point, especially with personalized support as part of the offer, you and the potential client will want to get to know each other a bit before committing.

So those are the five characteristics that, when combined, create a powerful course with better results for clients and more profit for the creator.

Let’s Jump Into Why Hybrid Online Courses are a Great Way to Create Premium Courses.

As you saw above – a Hybrid Online Course is basically a combination of modules delivered through an LMS like LearnWorlds and scheduled one-on-one or group support.

For most experts transitioning from one-on-one work to more leverageable models where they’re no longer trading time for money – a Hybrid Online Course is the best way to get started.

It will allow them to serve roughly 4x (or more!) the number of clients they serve today and the amount of profit they bring in, all while maintaining the quality of results and brand integrity.

That is because a Hybrid Online course does not remove the component that made you successful in your one-to-one work – YOU.

The Hybrid Online Course model separates what you teach (i.e. say over-and-over again) from the coaching that needs to continue to be done in a 1-1 or group format.

By separating these components – this model allows you to optimize time, income, and results! No other model that I know of does that!

So How Do you Enroll People into One of These Programs?

As I mentioned in the last characteristic – the enrollment experience is different for a premium course than for a lower priced course.

So let’s expand a bit on that.

Any marketing and sales process takes people from strangers to clients.

With a higher-priced program – that process can take a bit more time. You’re unlikely to get an impulse buyer or someone that comes across your sales page and just clicks the ‘Check Out’ button.

It takes a bit more effort. But given the higher price point – your efforts will be rewarded.

The marketing process for a premium course involves two key components:

A best practice for creating courses – whether premium or regular priced – is to solve ONE key problem for ONE ideal client avatar.

That allows you to be compelling in your messaging as your ideal client recognizes the solution to their needs in your offer.

Where premium course marketing can differ a bit is in the need for more professionalism and more of you.

You’ll be building trust with them on the following topics:

One of the best ways I’ve found to market Premium online courses is through videos.

Whether it’s videos on your landing page, social media sites, or YouTube Channel; webinars, or a VSL (video sales letter), creating videos for your audience to get to know you and your work provides them a quick way to get to know, like, and trust you in a condensed period of time.

So once your target clients get to know you and get ready to buy, here is where the biggest difference in the sales process comes in:

While most online courses are sold through sales pages, a Premium Online Course is best sold through the enrollment call.

By jumping on a ~45-minute call with a prospective client, you not only get to continue building trust in you and your course, but you get to vet them as well and ensure that your course really can help them create the amazing results they’re here to get. You will be able to point them to the LMS checkout page where they can complete the transaction and begin the process of becoming a raving fan client!

So here you go. A quick guide to premium online courses.

I hope that this inspires you to use this powerful business model to scale your business. It truly is the best business model for more impact, more profit, and more freedom in your business and life!

Jane Sagalovich is the founder of Scale Your Genius and is on a mission to:

My 8-Module Self-Paced Program hosted on the LearnWorlds Platform is coupled with 1-1 support from me (a Hybrid Course described above) so you can create a fully custom program, tailored to your and your client needs.

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Photo of Jane Sagalovich.
Jane Sagalovich

Jane Sagalovich is the founder of Scale Your Genius and is on a mission to: Rid the world of crappy online courses; Demonstrate that online does not have to equal cheap, poor quality, or providing inferior results; Inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards building more wealth, creating more impact, and having more freedom in their lives.