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Teachers’ reactions to LearnWorlds vol. 2

| June 30, 2016 | 2 min read
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The best reward for our continuous efforts to create the best ever learning platform is the love shown to us by our customers. We are so proud of them so we need to share some indicative testimonials once more with this vol.2 edition. Time and time again we see that our customers are so much better than us in finding exactly the right words to describe the Value Proposition of LearnWorlds! So we decided to let them do the talking:)

A school and not a course approach
“You have an impressive platform. I’ve been looking for almost a year for a platform that has a school (rather than courses) approach, integrates sales, marketing and payment, and has a graphical user interface.”

Theming and interactive video
“I’ve just started playing around with LearnWorlds and am really delighted to see what you’ve included in your offering. I love the ability to change the theme colors and the graphical interface as well as the interactive videos.”

Best Sales/Support Team
“Thanks for helping me out with all of this. You have the best service, and I will return the favor by giving you a reccomendation on quora.” Tobi A.

True educational value
“I also wanted to drop a note that I was delighted by your perceptions about education and how it is evolving. Your product seems to offer what’s missing in all online education endeavors: the network. Meaning of education itself is changing and its safe to say that to different networks education will be a very different thing.” Saqib R.

Your platform is really top notch!
“I’m very excited to be onboard with learnworlds, I did a ton of research on e-learning solutions before finding out about learnworlds and your platform is really top notch! We are starting with the basic plan but will most likely be upgrading once we start selling in a few months.”

Constant growth
“After connecting with you and learning that your team seeks constant growth, I’ve decided to give learnworlds a chance to win my trust in the unpredictable and mysterious world we live in, especially online. Here I go pressing buy.”

We thank you so much. And don’t forget that LearnWorlds becomes better every single day!

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