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We have the most amazing customers on the planet. And the best thing about growing LearnWorlds is hearing what they have to say, which makes us blush but also gives us the strength to keep on grinding.

From behalf of the LearnWorlds community, we thank every single one of you who chose to rely on us for your kind words and support!

We have to say that as a team we are constantly trying to do our best in terms of services and feature updates accommodating the needs of our users.

We have decided to share some of the most loving ❤️ testimonials our Team has received. All glowing, loving, and encouraging, reflecting the work we do to help instructors and edupreneurs succeed.

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

Love for our Platform

The first thing we repeatedly hear is about our features and the ease-of-use of LearnWorlds. We have been working and listening to our users’ feedback to improve every aspect of it so it’s both powerful and intuitive.

And, our efforts have been awarded with much love:

I wanted to express my excitement about LearnWorlds. I have researched and signed up for a few of your competitors and I must say… I’m so happy I found you. This is hands down the absolute best online course/school on the market. I love the ease of setup, the features offered and the price point. Thank you so much!!! Keep up the amazing work.

Pamela Garrett

Learnworlds has unique features that online courses creators would be very extremely happy with. It is the most customisable platform that I have tested without needing any code. Other platforms such as Teachable or Thinkific only offer a very basic design of the pages. For those like me, who value not just functionality but beauty. LearnWorlds is very intuitive and easy to use.

Sylvia Buet from BrokenHeartCure

I must confess that LearnWorlds is the best online tutorial system I have seen so far. I love your advert approach and most of all the simplicity in the content delivery approach. I clicked on your Facebook advert because I thought you’d have great content as your advert had no promises of 6 figures within 1 month and so on… I would recommend your LearnWorlds to anyone. Well done!

Patience James

As a developer myself, I want to congratulate the development team for the excellent code. Things seem scalable and I haven’t found this in any other platform (I looked at 100 maybe). The design and the presence are also unique.

TCM University

I just wanted to say, having using a WP plugin LMS, evaluated Thinkfic, and Teachable, I am very pleased with what your platform provides. It is far superior. I hope my students will benefit from using it.

Fred Aebli from GetMe Coding

Our Awesome Team

Everyone who has worked with us knows we are going the extra step to help you succeed. Our team is always on your side, and no question is too small or too big to be answered!

Launching your online course with LearnWorlds is not a lonely journey, we will be there with you!

We rejoice in the love we receive back from this!

You are a team of support superstars. You all deserve medals. Your support has been second to none. Truly superb. Thank you.

Alastair Laidlaw

I am very impressed with your software and the kindness you show by taking your valuable time to politely explain and accommodate your customers. I pray the Lord blesses your business beyond your imagination. You have something unique and valuable that can help many people.

Lee Martin

Fantastic on-boarding experience. Best ever! Thanks to Julie’s for her expert knowledge, friendly approach and very clear thinking and communication skills. I now feel empowered to leverage quite a lot of LearnWorld’s power. THANKS folks.

Nica Faustino from NewWaveApps

I am so thankful you resolved the issue but I can not believe you went ahead and changed over one hundred links. Now that is above and beyond the call of duty! I know how time consuming that was and I don’t know how to express how excellent you are. I can not thank you enough! Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.
I will be giving thanks for finding LearnWorlds!


Thanks again for your effort, not many times in my life have I experienced such a proactive approach when it comes to customer service.

Dominika Hajdu from Globsec

I have two schools with you and I really like the platform but I wanted to contact you about your support team. I just wanted to praise them for their brilliant work and attitude to dealing with every issue I have asked them about. Please use this as a testimonial if you wish. The support team has delivered amazing customer service every single time we have asked for help. LearnWorlds is a great platform but the customer service makes it even better.

Stephen Bates

I appreciate you sending this letting me know what I suggested was actually reviewed and possibly lined up for future releases. I am impressed. I cannot remember anyone else responding like this in the past with other companies.

William Camp

I have said it before and I will say it again. YOU GUYS ARE LEGENDS!!! Customer service that is BEYOND EXPECTATIONS! Keep rocking it, very inspiring and motivating for us and our customer service of the school!


Our Services & Standards

We value quality and a strong work ethic to provide the best experience to both you as an instructor and your students!

You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much once again. Your professionalism is highly appreciated.

Ahmad Alboloushi

I just wanted to let you know that it’s been a privilege to work with such professional people.
So I would like to congratulate all of you one more time and wish you a great and wonderful new year. Thank you for everything and for the moments that come.

Alonso Ortega

Thank you guys so much! With your help our school is being able to grow and serve our students who come to us to find their purpose in life. We launched our school a little over a month ago and already had made an important difference in the lives of many people. LW team is a part of this story, thank you guys for your wonderful service.

Andry Milov

Again, thank you so much for your love and support 🙂

Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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