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The Best 17 Community Platforms for 2024

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Online community platforms have become integral in fostering engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among like-minded individuals. The global enterprise social networks and online communities market is expected to go beyond $5,5 million with a CAGR of 16.5% over the forecast period of 2021-2028.

So, whether you are running an online course, a membership site, or a business looking to connect with your audience, choosing the right community platform is paramount.

In this article, we will explore what online community platforms are, delve into the various key types available, guide you on how to choose the best one for your needs, and finally, present a curated list of the top 17 community platforms in the market.

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So, let’s dive in!

Online community platforms are digital spaces where individuals with common interests or goals can connect, communicate, and collaborate. These platforms facilitate discussions, resource sharing, and the creation of a supportive environment.

Businesses, educational institutions, and various organizations use online community platforms to build and nurture relationships with their audiences as well as deliver educational or training content to them.

Online community platforms come in various types, each catering to different needs and preferences. Here are the key types of online community platforms:

Discussion Forums

Traditional discussion forums have been a staple of online communities for decades. These offer users a structured environment where they can initiate discussions, post questions, and engage in conversations through threads.

Known for their longevity and straightforward design, forums are ideal for fostering ongoing discussions, Q&A sessions, and topic-based conversations.

Social Media Communities

Leveraging the widespread use of social media platforms, social media communities bring people together within groups or dedicated pages. This type of community thrives on the familiarity and accessibility of popular social networks.

Facebook Groups, for instance, allow users to create and join groups centered around specific interests, fostering broad audience reach, casual interactions, and seamless content sharing.

Learning Management System (LMS) Communities

Integrated within educational platforms, LMS communities enhance the learning experience by facilitating interaction among students and instructors.

LearnWorlds, for example, is a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that seamlessly integrates community features, creating an environment where learners can discuss course materials, ask questions, and collaborate on projects.

Membership Site Communities

Membership site communities are tied to exclusive content and benefits, fostering a sense of exclusivity among paying members.

These communities are effective in cultivating engagement and loyalty among members, providing a space for exclusive discussions, member-only resources, and personalized experiences.

Blogs with Community Features

Some blogs incorporate community elements such as comments, forums, or user-generated content, expanding the traditional blog format.

WordPress, when paired with other plugins, transforms a blog into a social network with community features. Similarly, popular content-sharing platforms like Medium, allow users to engage in discussions through comments, emphasizing the collaborative nature of content creation within a community context.

Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration platforms are designed for team communication, document sharing, and project management. This type of community platforms which include Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Asana, not only facilitate collaboration but also incorporate communication features like channels and threads.

Ideal for businesses and remote teams, collaboration platforms create a centralized space for discussions, file sharing, and real-time project updates.

Question and Answer Platforms

Question and answer platforms are tailored for knowledge-sharing, troubleshooting, and expertise recognition. Platforms like Quora provide a space for users to pose questions, receive answers, and contribute to a community-driven knowledge base.

Such platforms often incorporate features like voting to highlight the best answers and surface the most valuable information.

Event Communities

Event communities are centered around organizing and participating in events, both online and offline. Platforms like Eventbrite and Meetup enable users to engage in pre-event and post-event discussions, fostering networking opportunities and extending the overall event experience.

LinkedIn Events also provides a professional space for event-related discussions, allowing participants to connect and share insights.

Customer Support Communities

Customer support communities play a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction and support. Notable platforms in this category are Zendesk Community and Salesforce Community Cloud which provide dedicated spaces for users to seek help, share solutions, and provide feedback.

These communities not only empower users to find answers independently but also create a collaborative environment where customers can connect with each other.

Niche Communities

Niche communities cater to specific industries, hobbies, or interests, creating a sense of belonging among like-minded individuals. This includes platforms like Reddit for example, with its extensive array of subreddits covering diverse topics, DeviantArt for artists, and Goodreads for book enthusiasts, providing targeted spaces for discussions, networking, and shared experiences.

Niche communities thrive on the depth of their discussions and the shared passion of their members.

In the dynamic realm of online community building, the choice of platform can make all the difference in creating a thriving digital ecosystem. As the demand for virtual connections continues to surge, navigating the myriad of options becomes a crucial task.

👉 Here are our top 4 choices out of all the platforms mentioned in the article compared based on pricing and key features:

Below we present a curated list of the top 17 online community platforms that stand as pioneers in facilitating meaningful interactions.

Whether you’re aiming to enhance education, foster collaboration, or build a loyal membership base, these platforms have been chosen for their exceptional features, user-friendly interfaces, and the ability to transform digital spaces into vibrant hubs of engagement.

LearnWorlds is our very own platform and the top choice when it comes to building a vibrant online community of learners. With LearnWorlds, you get a set of robust community-building features while building your online academy from scratch.

As a powerful AI-powered lightweight learning management system, LearnWorlds comes with a built-in Facebook-like dedicated community page that allows learners to share posts, images, polls, like/react, comment via their timeline, and also follow or mention each other.

With LearnWorlds’ enhanced community-building tools, you can build communities, membership sites, and course discussions to help you engage in meaningful conversations with your learners, and a lot more!

Who is it for?

LearnWorlds suits entrepreneurs, online instructors, content creators, educators, coaches, and professional trainers who want to create, market, and sell high-quality courses as well as businesses of any size that deliver training to their employees, customers, and partners.

LearnWorlds Pricing

*Pricing information retrieved from LearnWorlds on November 20, 2023.

LearnWorlds Support

LearnWorlds offers 360˚ support. It’s responsive 24/7, providing online support and onboarding for new customers. It comes with a dedicated Help Center with how-tos, tutorials, and Daily Webinars to help you familiarize yourself with the platform.

Also, it features the LearnWorlds Academy and Course Masters that offer courses to course creators, LearnWorlds Experts who can provide the help you need, and free eLearning resources including handy ebooks, and checklists.

LearnWorlds Reviews

Review from G2:

‘The world’s best LMS and learning platform – with an industry-leading development and support team.’ – Joe R.

Review from Capterra:

‘The custom service team is ON! Knowledgeable and efficient!’ – Brian R. (Professional Training & Coaching)

Review from Elearning Industry:

‘Perfect Solution for our Online School.’ – Alicia S. (Director of Online Learning)

Pros and Cons



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Thinkific is an online course platform designed to simplify the process of course creation and delivery. The platform provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for course creation but also allows you to build a community as a standalone or sellable product.

Thinkific features a Community Builder that makes the process easy and enables its users to sell the community as part of a bundle or a membership as a subscription.

Who is it for?

Thinkific is ideal for individual instructors, solopreneurs, online trainers, and small businesses entering the online education space.

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkfic is free to join but its free plan comes with limited functionality. It offers a 30-day free trial on the Pro plan.

Its subscription plans include:

*Pricing information retrieved from Thinkific on November 20, 2023

Thinkific Support

Thinkific provides a support center, a training site with paid courses, an FAQ, and a blog. Additionally, it presents the option to enlist the services of an expert to assist in the course creation and development process.

Thinkific Reviews

Thinkific is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘The custom service team is ON! Knowledgeable and efficient!’ – Brian R. (Professional Training & Coaching)

Review from Capterra:

‘Using Thinkific has helped me grow my business’ – SherriLee W. (Chief Fun Officer)

Review from Elearning Industry:

‘Fantastic Platform that is very well set up and has made my courses look amazing.’ – Chris J.

Pros and Cons



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Hivebrite is an online community platform that comes with a comprehensive set of tools to establish, engage, and cultivate a community. With it, users get to decide whether their community is open to everyone or invite-only. The platform features an advanced database management toolkit including filters and a profile update tracker, which enhances community administration.
Other noteworthy community features include direct messaging, an RSS feed, and personalized weekly newsletters. Community members can contribute content, and administrators retain control with instant notifications for content updates, allowing them to edit or delete content as needed.

Who is it for?

Hivebrite is tailored for small and large enterprises, associations, universities, and nonprofits.

Hivebrite Pricing

Hivebrite doesn’t disclose its prices on the website. If you want to get a quote, you need to request a demo. However, some sources claim that its prices begin at $500-$600/month.

Hivebrite Support

Hivebrite has a ticket-based system and email support that offers users the help they need. It also features a blog, webinars, podcasts, a digital community content library (with PDF downloads), and events.

Hivebrite Reviews

Hivebrite is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Excellent customer service & support.’ – Jacquie R. (Community Leader & Program Director)

Review from Capterra:

‘Perfect Platform for Alumni Relations (Even a 1-Person Alumni Relations Office)!’ – Rachael H. (Director of Alumni Relations)

Pros and Cons



Disciple is a community-building platform that allows creators to establish their own branded community apps. With a focus on providing a dedicated space for discussions, content sharing, and member engagement, Disciple stands out for its flexibility and customization options. It is suitable for creators looking to create a unique and immersive community experience.

With this platform, you can create multiple groups and segment your audience, share video content, and reach your members through livestreams, broadcasts, direct messaging, and more. It also offers the option to sell online courses and subscriptions.

Who is it for?

Disciple is designed for businesses as well as individuals, influencers, celebrities, and course creators who want to build their own independent, valuable, and trusted communities.

Disciple Pricing

Disciple comes with two semiannual (six-monthly) pricing packages and one for enterprises:

The platform comes with add-ons as well for additional members, admin seats, advanced analytics, and courses.
*Pricing information retrieved from Disciple in November 2023.

Disciple Support

Disciple offers a range of resources including a blog, community building guides, a dedicated knowledge base, and a podcast show called ‘The Passion Pod’.

Disciple Reviews

Disciple is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘The complete community solution.’ – Brandon B. (Community Manager)

Review from Capterra:

‘Excellent product and service!’ – Ryan K.M. (President)

Pros and Cons



Circle is an all-in-one community platform with a focus on fostering meaningful connections as it provides a dedicated space for discussions, content sharing, and collaboration opportunities. Inside the platform, users can create a customized community hub to align with their brand and engage with their audience.

Circle supports both open and private communities, giving them the flexibility to control access and privacy. With features like discussions, events, and integrations, Circle aims to streamline community building by offering a centralized and user-friendly platform.

Who is it for?

Circle is an appealing choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution for community engagement. It’s ideal for content creators, businesses, or organizations looking to create a vibrant online space.

Circle Pricing

Circle comes with a 14-day free trial and has five pricing plans:

*Pricing information retrieved from Circle in November 2023.

Circle Support

Circle comes with its own private community and a rich knowledge base that features a video library, tutorials, and Get Started workshops. It also has a blog, frequent product updates, and an events hub.

Circle Reviews

Circle is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Circle’s platform is the best combination of community and online learning.’ – Ernie S. (Law Practice Management)

Review from Capterra:

‘Literally all you could want from a community platform.’ – Michael K. (Founder)

Pros and Cons



Slack is a widely used team collaboration platform that excels in real-time communication. Designed for businesses and teams, Slack provides a centralized space for instant messaging, file sharing, and collaboration. While not a traditional community platform, Slack’s channels, direct messaging, and integrations make it a powerful tool for fostering team cohesion and communication.

Slack also supports the integration of various apps and tools, allowing users to customize their workspace to fit their specific needs. Many groups leverage the platform to build niche or industry-specific communities, allowing professionals the space to connect, share insights, and collaborate effectively.

Who is it for?

Slack is particularly effective for businesses, remote teams, and organizations requiring quick and efficient communication.

Slack Pricing

Slack offers the following pricing packages:

*Pricing information retrieved from Slack in November 2023.

Slack Support

Slack offers 24/7 support to all paid plans and for the highest plan, it comes with priority support with a four-hour first response time. On top of that, it comes with a resources library, a blog, a community, an app directory, events, demos, and the Slack Certified program.

Slack Reviews

Slack is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Awesome Tool for Business Messaging.’ – Elias R.

Review from Capterra:

‘Great collaboration platform.’ – Lina T. (Principal Software Engineer)

Review from Elearning Industry:

‘Great tool for remote teams to stay in communication.’ – Michael B. (eLearning)

Pros and Cons



Discord is a widely-used communication platform initially designed for gamers but has evolved into a versatile tool for community building across various interests. It provides a combination of text, voice, and video communication within customizable servers and channels. Discord’s strength lies in real-time, interactive communication, making it an excellent choice for fostering engaging communities, whether for gaming, hobbies, or professional purposes.

With features like roles, permissions, and integrations with other tools, Discord offers a dynamic and flexible environment for building and nurturing communities. Its unique blend of communication formats, coupled with extensive customization options, positions Discord as a powerful and adaptable platform for community engagement and collaboration, and brand advertising and marketing.

Who is it for?

Discord is an excellent choice for gamers, but it’s also tailored for content creators, educators, students, professional and business communities, or anyone interested in hosting or participating in virtual events.

Discord Pricing

Discord charges 10% of the subscription fee of a user. There is the option to earn money while using the platform through Server Monetization, where you get to keep 90% of your earnings and the rest goes to Discord.
*Pricing information retrieved from Discord in November 2023.

Discord Support

Discord has a dedicated Help Center that offers how-to documentation on everything related to using the platform. It also comes with a ticket-based support system to answer user questions, a Safety Center that ensures Discord is a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place and a blog.

Discord Reviews

Discord is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Reviews from Capterra:

‘Another contender in the chatting space.’ – Paul G. (Business Owner)
‘Discord, the real time chat buddy.’ – Austin M. (Software Analyst)

Pros and Cons



Mighty Networks is an all-in-one platform designed for community building, course creation, and content monetization. It empowers creators to bring together their audience in a single, branded space, fostering interactions, and engagement. With Mighty Networks, you can seamlessly integrate community features, courses, and memberships to create a comprehensive online ecosystem.

The platform emphasizes a community-centric approach, offering features like discussion forums, member networking, and customizable content channels. Creators can utilize Mighty Networks to host virtual events, sell courses or memberships, and provide a unified experience for their audience.

Who is it for?

Mighty Networks is a great choice for creators, influencers, educators, course creators, entrepreneurs, and brands looking to cultivate a dedicated and engaged online community.

Mighty Networks Pricing

Mighty Networks offers a free trial and three pricing plans. Mighty Networks charges transaction fees on all pricing plans, with courses being available only with their Business and Pro plans. The Mighty Pro plan allows you to build your own branded, native mobile app.

*Pricing information retrieved from Mighty Networks in November 2023.

Mighty Networks Support

Mighty Networks offers a wealth of resources as it comes with its own Mighty Community, a Help Center, a dedicated Resources Center, featured Mighty Networks, Mighty Encyclopedia, Creator Calculator, and many other tools.

Mighty Networks Reviews

Mighty Networks is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘We love Mighty!’ – Cindy L. (Customer Care Manager)

Review from Capterra:

‘Build Your Community With Ease.’ – Ani P. (Business Owner)

Pros and Cons



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Bettermode, previously known as Tribe, is a self-serve community-building platform that empowers organizations to create their own branded online communities. With a focus on fostering engagement and collaboration, Bettermode helps to streamline your customer experiences, removing the hassle and the need to use multiple tools.

The platform provides a versatile space for discussions, content sharing, and member interaction and can be used to engage customers and form better relationships with them.

Who is it for?

Bettermode is suitable for businesses, brands, and creators looking to establish a unique and vibrant online community.

Bettermode Pricing

Bettermode has two pricing plans – the Advanced plan which starts at $599 per month and its Enterprise plan which is for large organizations. The latter comes with additional security and compliance features and you can talk with the team to learn its cost.

*Pricing information retrieved from Bettermode in November 2023.

Bettermode Support

Bettermode comes with priority support, a Customer Success Manager, and group onboarding in both paid plans. It also offers product-related help as part of its own support community, Help Center, and Developer Hub. It also provides opportunities for users to learn and get expert insights via a blog, downloadable guides, and webinars.

Bettermode Reviews

Bettermode is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Bettermode: Community at its best.’ – Phillipe L.

Review from Capterra:

‘From MVP to MVP, Tribe is the gift that keeps on giving.’ – Nick B. (Sr Customer Success Manager)

Pros and Cons



Discourse is a modern, open-source forum platform designed to revolutionize online discussions as it provides a dynamic space for structured conversations. Its real-time updates, intuitive interface, and support for multimedia content make it a favorite among communities seeking a fresh and engaging discussion environment.

Discourse comes with strong customization options and emphasizes community-driven discussions, offering features such as categorization, badges, and a reputation system to encourage active participation and recognize valuable contributions.

Who is it for?

Discourse allows communities to tailor their forums to specific needs, making it a versatile choice for diverse groups ranging from tech forums to customer support communities.

Discourse Pricing

Discourse comes with the following pricing plans:

*Pricing information retrieved from Discourse in November 2023.

Discourse Support

Discourse support is offered through community support, dedicated and priority email support, migration services, and custom design work. The platform also features a blog, a demo sandbox, getting-started resources, community management, and use cases.

Discourse Reviews

Discourse is rated 4.0 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Truly a place to build civilized conversations – with lots of customizations!’ – Sarah L.

Review from Capterra:

‘Good open source forum software.’ – Verified Reviewer (Data Analytics Manager)

Pros and Cons



Facebook Groups provide a versatile and widely-used platform for building online communities within the larger Facebook ecosystem. With a user-friendly interface, it facilitates discussions, content sharing, and event organization and features great community moderation tools.

Facebook Groups can be public or private, and members can join based on shared interests, affiliations, or goals. They can provide a centralized hub for discussions via comment threads, announcements, and multimedia content, making them suitable for various community types.

Who is it for?

Facebook Groups are suited to a diverse group of audiences, from hobbyist groups and coaches to professional networks and businesses.

Facebook Groups Pricing

Facebook Groups are free to create and use. However, for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their presence, Facebook offers paid advertising options to promote the group to a wider audience.
For the group creator and moderator, there is the option to charge members a small fee for subscribing to your content.

*Pricing information retrieved from Facebook in November 2023.

Facebook Groups Support

Facebook provides support through its Help Center, where users can find articles and resources to troubleshoot issues. Direct customer support for individual groups is limited, as it primarily focuses on providing assistance at the platform level.

Facebook Groups Reviews

Facebook Groups are rated 4.3 out of 5 based on G2’s user reviews.

Reviews from G2:

‘Great way to build a community!’ – Sarah M. (Director of Marketing and Development)
‘The only reason I still use Facebook! Priority Notifications Keep You in the Loop!’ – Lauren A. (Director of Marketing)

Pros and Cons



Vanilla Forums, also known as Higher Logic Vanilla, is a cloud-based forum platform that prioritizes customization and analytics, offering a powerful solution for community engagement. Renowned for its flexibility, this platform allows organizations to tailor their forum experience to specific needs, fostering dynamic and interactive discussions.

It comes with a user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and robust analytics, and enables administrators to enhance the user experience. Additionally, features like gamification contribute to a more interactive and rewarding community environment. On Vanilla Forums, there is the option to create multiple sub-communities, while users can leave comments, ask questions, mention each other, send private messages, and more.

Who is it for?

Vanilla Forums is versatile and caters to a broad range of audiences, including businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and online communities.

Vanilla Forums Pricing

Vanilla Forums comes with a free trial and offers the following pricing packages:

*Pricing information retrieved from FinancesOnline in November 2023.

Vanilla Forums Support

Vanilla Forums is known for providing robust customer support, offering assistance through various channels such as email, forums, and documentation via a knowledge base. They prioritize customer success, providing resources and assistance to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing community management.

Vanilla Forums Reviews

Vanilla Forums is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Vanilla by Higher Logic the Epitome of What Customer Community SaaS Should Be.’ – Nichole D. (Director of Customer Operations)

Review from Capterra:

‘An excellent base forum platform for online communities.’ – Chris V. (President)

Pros and Cons



BuddyPress is a powerful open-source WordPress plugin that transforms a standard WordPress website into a dynamic social networking platform. With a focus on creating engaging and interactive communities, BuddyPress enhances the social elements of a website by introducing features such as user profiles, activity streams, private messaging, and group discussions.

This plugin empowers website owners to build a community-centric environment where users can connect, share content, and participate in group activities. BuddyPress is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the community experience to suit the specific goals and aesthetics of their website.

Who is it for?

From hobbyist communities to business networks, BuddyPress is a versatile solution that seamlessly integrates social networking features into the familiar WordPress environment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to foster collaboration and interaction within their online spaces.

BuddyPress Pricing

BuddyPress is free to use and it was built by an international community of volunteers.
*Pricing information retrieved from WordPress in November 2023.

BuddyPress Support

BuddyPress benefits from the larger WordPress community, where users share insights, troubleshooting tips, and solutions. It offers extensive documentation that provides guidance on installation, configuration, and customization. Also, it allows users to engage in discussions and seek help through forums and related online groups.

BuddyPress Reviews

BuddyPress is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘BuddyPress is an Amazing Plugin that Adds Community features to WordPress sites.’ – Amy S. (Full Stak Web Developer & Graphic Designer)

Review from Capterra:

‘BuddyPress has no real rivals in community building for WordPress sites.’ – Rick P. (Director)

Pros and Cons



Uscreen is a comprehensive video monetization platform that empowers content creators to build their own branded video streaming service. While its primary focus is on video distribution, Uscreen also offers community features to enhance viewer engagement. Creators can foster discussions, connect with their audience, and create a sense of community around their content.

With built-in tools for subscription management, content delivery, and community engagement, Uscreen provides a holistic solution for individuals and businesses looking to monetize their videos while nurturing a dedicated community. The platform allows for easy customization, enabling creators to maintain their brand identity within the community space.

Who is it for?

Uscreen is a versatile platform suitable for a range of content creators, fitness instructors, educators, and businesses looking to create and distribute premium video content to their audiences.

Uscreen Pricing

Uscreen comes with the following pricing plans:

There are additional fees on selected plans like +$1.99 +$0.99 for Growth and Pro, per paid member on a monthly basis. Also, the TV app is only available on the Plus subscription.

*Pricing information retrieved from Uscreen in November 2023.

Uscreen Support

Uscreen offers customer support through various channels, including email and live chat. It provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and webinars to assist users in navigating the platform and making use of its features. Dedicated account managers are available for higher-tier plans offering personalized support.

Uscreen Reviews

Uscreen is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Excellent experience for content creators.’ – Juan G.

Review from Capterra:

‘The Best Streaming Service Available.’ – Esteban P. (Executive Producer)

Pros and Cons



Podia is an all-in-one platform designed for creators, providing a comprehensive solution for selling online courses, digital downloads, and memberships. This platform excels in providing creators with a seamless and integrated experience for content monetization. Podia’s user-friendly interface and built-in email marketing tool make it easy for creators to showcase and sell digital products.

Podia has a built-in community that is available in all plans (including the free version) and comes with 1 admin, unlimited members, and topics. While you can embed videos from YouTube and other providers, video uploading inside the community is only available in the paid plans.

Who is it for?

Podia is great for individual creators, creative professionals, writers, educators as well as digital product sellers, and those who want to build and manage exclusive membership communities.

Podia Pricing

Podia offers a free 14-day trial and the following pricing plans:

It also offers an optional email add-on that is free for the first 100 subscribers but then for larger audiences, it comes with an additional cost.
*Pricing information retrieved from Podia in November 2023.

Podia Support

Podia is well-regarded for its customer support, offering timely assistance through live chat and email. It comes with its own community, blog, Resource and Help Center, Creator Advice Library, and many other free tools.

Podia Reviews

Podia is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘It works like a charm. It’s easy to use, with good features. Document and support are good.’ – Raquel D. (Founder)

Review from Capterra:

‘Exactly what we were looking for.’– Joe P. (Co-Founder, COO)

Pros and Cons



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Kajabi is an all-in-one platform designed to streamline the process of online course creation, marketing, and sales. It stands out for its comprehensive suite of marketing tools that empower creators to market and sell online courses. It has its limitations on course creation and elearning features, but it allows creators to build sales funnels, sales pages, landing pages, webinar pages, and advertising campaigns.

Kajabi offers Kajabi’s Communities – a feature that allows you to build and manage your own community. This comes with live video calls, newsfeed chats, DMs, a member directory, a leaderboard, and a smart recording library among other tools.

Who is it for?

Kajabi is suitable for online course creators, individuals and businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, and anyone interested in building a membership site.

Kajabi Pricing

Offers a 14-day trial with a credit card. Then it goes to a monthly payment of the subscription plan, which includes:

*Pricing Information retrieved from Kajabi in November 2023.

Kajabi Support

Kajabi’s support is provided during business hours and online. It has a Help Center, a blog, and a Kajabi glossary where you can find FAQs, how-to guides, walk-through videos, and getting-started resources.

Kajabi Reviews

Kajabi is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘Good experience and Customer Support.’ – Carmen C. (Executive Assistant)

Review from Capterra:

‘LOTS of Features.’ – Jonathan T. (Co-founder)

Pros and Cons



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Patreon is a platform designed for creators to monetize their content and build a loyal community of patrons. Creators, whether artists, musicians, writers, or other creatives, can offer exclusive content, rewards, and tiers of membership to their members in exchange for ongoing support.

While Patreon is primarily a crowdfunding platform, it fosters a sense of community by providing a space for creators to engage with their supporters. It has a customizable feed where creators can share exclusive content, updates, community posts, and send private messages.

Who is it for?

Patreon is for content creators and it is widely used by creative professionals including YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, gamers, writers, podcasters, musicians, and other types of creators who post regularly online.

Patreon Pricing

Getting started on the platform is free. For paid memberships, Patreon has 2 pricing plans that take a percentage of the donations earned by creators:

For its e-commerce services, Patreon takes a 5% commission on the earnings.

*Pricing Information retrieved from Patreon in November 2023.

Patreon Support

Patreon has a Help Portal that offers how-to resources and documentation in regard to the use of the platform. It also features a Creator Hub, a community forum for developers a Help Center and FAQ for its users, and a ticket-based system that answers platform-related questions.

Patreon Reviews

Patreon is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on Capterra’s user reviews.

Review from G2:

‘While Patreon has degraded a bit in recent years, it’s still the easiest subscription service.’ – Jen F. (Comics Writer)

Review from Capterra:

‘Patreon is the next step for podcasters and vloggers who broadcast quality content.’ – Dayna T. (Director of Marketing & Communications)

Pros and Cons



Choosing the right online community platform is a critical decision that requires careful consideration of several key factors. By following a systematic approach, you can ensure that the platform you opt-in for aligns seamlessly with the goals and needs of your community.

👉 Here are our initial top 4 choices again, this time with a more detailed side-by-side comparison focusing on their features:

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When selecting the best platform for you, consider the following criteria:

Define Your Community’s Purpose:
Begin by clearly defining the primary purpose of your community. Whether it’s focused on support, networking, learning, or a combination of these, having a well-defined purpose will guide your platform selection.

For example, if your goal is to facilitate learning and course discussions, an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) community might be ideal. If networking is a primary goal, a social media community or forum might be more suitable.

Assess the Features Offered:
Carefully assess the features offered by each platform, ensuring they align with the specific needs of your community. Consider features such as discussion threads, file sharing, event management, and any other functionality crucial to your community’s interactions.

For instance, if your community thrives on discussions and collaboration, prioritize platforms with robust discussion thread capabilities. If you plan to organize events, look for platforms that offer comprehensive event management features.

Consider Scalability:
It’s crucial to choose a platform that can scale with the growth of your community. Anticipate future needs and select a platform that can accommodate an increasing number of members and a growing volume of content. Ensure that the platform’s infrastructure can handle increased activity without compromising performance.

Check its Integration Capabilities:
Integration capabilities are essential, especially if your community will be part of a broader ecosystem.

Check whether the platform integrates seamlessly with other tools and platforms you use, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or marketing software. This integration ensures a cohesive experience for both community members and administrators.

Prioritize User Experience:
The success of your community depends on the engagement of its members, making user experience a critical factor. Prioritize platforms with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features to enhance engagement. Ensure that navigation is straightforward, and features are easily accessible to both new and experienced users.

Keep in mind that the platform you select should not only meet your current needs but also provide flexibility for future growth and evolution. Whether your community is focused on support, networking, learning, or a combination of these, a well-chosen platform will contribute significantly to its success.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online education, the importance of community engagement cannot be overstated. Creating an online community has the power to enhance the overall educational experience, foster collaboration, and encourage knowledge sharing.

Selecting the right online community platform is a critical decision that impacts the success of your community. By understanding the types of platforms available, considering essential factors, and exploring the different options in this resource, you can make a well-informed choice that aligns with your goals.

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