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LearnWorlds 2017 Year in Review

| December 31, 2017 | 7 min read
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We did a lot in 2017 but in fact we are just getting started!

2017 was an amazing year for LearnWorlds. Our development team doubled in size (that’s 2X) and we were fortunate enough to release tons of new features and improvements, including our crowning achievement: our brand new User Interface for school admins and course authors which, with its ease of use, cleanliness, efficiency and speed, totally puts LearnWorlds light years ahead from anything else on the market today!

The best part? 2018 is already shaping up to be an even better year, with more exciting features that we know you’ll love.

So, here is a look back to the most important new features we released in 2017 (and hats-off to our amazing team of Developers ?)!

December 2017

1Referral and Affiliate marketing

Affiliate and referral marketing are both ways of promoting your courses to new customers through a network of advocates. This can be a catalyst for growing your business, essentially multiplying the reach of your marketing efforts. And now you can use Referral and Affiliate marketing in your LearnWorlds school to multiply your sales.

2Marketing Intelligence with User Insights

How can you refine your marketing message if you don’t know who you are talking to? How can you evolve your courses and offerings if you don’t know where your students are coming from, what is their age, what are their interests? How can you reach them if you don’t know in which social media they are spending their time on? LearnWorlds today becomes your marketing intelligence partner ?️. Using powerful commercial APIs we collect data from various sources (all ethically and legally collected) and provide you with deep insights about your customers.

November 2017

1Advanced Template Customizations with Quick Options and CSS

Wouldn’t you like to have an expert Web Developer at your side when designing your school? ?‍? That’s what we thought too. And that’s why we took one of our own web developers, picked their brains and packaged all their knowledge and expertise inside our latest feature. Our new “Customize Appearance” feature gives you fine-grained control over every last detail of your school’s design. No need to hire an external developer. No need to delve into CSS. No need to learn about cryptic stylesheet properties. The Customize Appearance window, with a few mouse clicks, let’s you fine-tune every style, layout and typography setting you could ever wish for.

2Huge speed improvement

Huge speed improvement for our Schools! By combinìng and minifying assets (code libraries and resources) we managed to speed up the schools and lower the amount of requests needed for rendering the web pages.

3Official Italian translation

An official Italian translation is now available for our Italian friends! Βenvenuto!

4User Activity

You can now find easily, in one place, all user activity for a particular user! No more lost conversions, no more frustrated users. Now you can identify every user action, analyze its meaning and provide proper guidance and support where needed.

5Sitemaps & SEO optimization

LearnWorlds now offers Sitemaps for out-of-the-box optimization for the busy school owner. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website is essential if you wish to build your reputation, rank higher in search results and get valuable, essentially free, organic traffic. LearnWorlds now automatically creates a sitemap for your school and passes it along to Google (and the rest). We are doing all the dirty work so all you have to do is sit back and wait for Google to do its job

6Adjusting Video player speed

Watch the video faster! Video speed control has been added to the Video player.

7Official Portuguese translation

Our official Portuguese language translation is available for our many friends in Portugal and Brazil! Amigos, bem vindo!

October 2017

Amazing New Web Fonts for Your Online School & Landing Pages. Your ‘School Font’ now supports a VAST list of Google fonts, allowing you to customize your school to your heart’s content.

September 2017

1Magic Templates

Introducing the ‘Magic Templates’, another LearnWorlds’ novelty! This is the brand new, handy and time-saving LearnWorlds feature you will fall in love with. With the click of a button you can easily cycle through the dozens of design templates we offer and choose just the right one for you. So you can preview, in real time, numerous variations of your pages, and achieve stunning visual results with the least possible effort.

2Introducing Web Fonts

You can now change the font of your school quickly and seamlessly. Navigating to ‘Appearance’ –> ‘School Font’ allows you to change the font that will appear to your school. With an ever-extending list of fonts, we are sure there will be something available to catch your eye.

August 2017

Our totally re-designed User Interface for the admin area (author dashboard) is out and lots of new features and improvements are available. Minimal, clean design, informative design, beautiful design with great new wizards. Simplicity meets efficiency and you soon meet more students :-).

July 2017

1Customize the Course layout

The course layout page can be now be edited with the Pages Builder. You can now unleash your creativity and create a visually unique design that expresses your style and brand. We are proud to say that we are the most easily customizable platform in our industry, being miles ahead of the competition.

2More templates for the Pages Builder

The template library of our Pages Builder just gor richer! We currently count more that 120 highly responsive templates and we are keep developing more. Now there are Page-specific templates, that means templates useful for specific pages e.g.templates for the “after login page”, or templates for the “topbar”.

June 2017

1-click sales funnels are the holy grail of e-commerce, and they are now available in your LearnWorlds school! You can now create 1-step sales pages for courses and subscriptions, where users can simultaneously purchase and register to the school.

May 2017

1Customize the Student Dashboard

Wow, you can now fully customize your student dashboard and make your school even more unique!
This is possible with our Pages Builder and a fresh set of specialized Zones (such as main menu, community messages and DailyNews posts).

2The brand-new Course manager

A brand-new Course manager for the course zones of the Pages Editor. You can now customize a course zone with these options: enable filters, pagination, choose which courses you want to show, the course template to be used as well as number of course rows.

April 2017

1Enhancements to Subscriptions: manual enrollments

You can now manually enroll students to and unenroll them from subscription plans. You can also explicitly define for how long the enrolled students will have access to the subscription plans.

2Enhancements to Subscriptions: Free trials

You can now offer a Trial period for your subscription plans. You can also collect a user’s credit card when the trial period begins, if you choose so.

3Enhancements to Subscriptions: managing Stripe

You now have full management of your Stripe subscriptions through LearnWorlds. When a new subscription is created, school owners can choose to link it to an existing Stripe plan or create a new one. New plans are automatically created in Stripe so you can manage everything from within LearnWorlds.”

March 2017

1Spring update

The Birds ?, the bees ?, and some cool new features to help you sell more courses (hint: re-ordering courses in the course catalogue, securing PDF files and a new, faster and more practical menu for the Pages Builder).

2Setup your school’s starting page

Setup your school’s starting page: you can now choose which is the first page your users will see once they log in to your LearnWorlds school. You can either keep your existing LearnWorlds starting page (the student dashboard) or choose among a custom made starting page, a course’s page or any of the other pages you can create using the Pages Builder.

February 2017

1WebHooks automations

WebHooks automations are now available in LearnWorlds! Here are 10 amazing recipes for automating your LearnWorlds school and saving dozens of work hours.

2Customize your bundles and subscriptions pages

Full creative control of your bundles and subscriptions pages with our innovative Pages Builder

3Huge speed increase for your school!

What do you get if you lock 3 programmers in a room for 2 weeks? Website speed increases between 50% and 400%! ?

January 2017

Huge improvement for our Coupons and promotions functionality: you can now create coupons for your subscriptions and course Bundles.

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Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects. Before following the startup route, he was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.

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