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A Year in Review: Looking Back to 2021, Moving Forward Together

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

When Albert Einstein shared these words of advice with his son in a letter dated February 5, 1930, he apparently wasn’t thinking of the eLearning industry; yet he did make a valid point that we embrace. It’s all about moving forward!

As 2021 is coming to an end, it’s time to think of what we have achieved so far, what we have contributed to the world, and where we are going in the future.

For LearnWorlds, it has been a year filled with growth in all directions: product development, company scale, and team development.

New Features And Improved Learning Experiences

One major feature every 3 weeks, limitless possibilities for LearnWorlds course creators!

In 2021, our product development team fueled their engines to bring you an exciting lineup of features to turbocharge your online school’s growth.

Optimizing Your Online Course Creation

LearnWorlds has made it easier for you to create online courses having your learners’ needs as the top priority.

With the addition of the copy-paste sections and the new learning activities, you now have the toolkit you need to create awesome customized learning experiences.

Copy-paste of sections and learning activities

Your online courses can have multiple sections and learning activities. Using the copy-paste functionality allows you to copy a learning activity or an entire course section without the need to re-create it from scratch.

A GIF showing the Course Contents inside LearnWorlds.

You can do this for the same course or even choose to import it to another course you have already created saving you valuable time and effort.

Learn more about this feature:
Introducing: Copy-Paste of Course Sections & Learning Activities

Graded SCORMs

Graded SCORMs are an absolute game-changer for your school. This feature allows you to upload a SCORM package containing questions and assessments into your courses, and track your learners’ results and progress.

A screenshot of the graded scorm in LearnWorlds.

Through the Gradebook, you can view the grades of your learners and navigate further to see individual user profiles, course insights and create students progress reports. This is reporting and monitoring made easy!

Learn more about this feature:
Introducing Graded SCORMs: Track your students’ success and scale your school

Surveys (form builder for courses)

If you ever need to add surveys as part of your course content, you can do so by creating a form learning activity. Such function allows you to create forms bound to a course learning activity so that only enrolled users of the specific course can access them.

To edit and customize them further you can always use our powerful Form Builder.

Elearning Websites for Your Brand: Accelerating Your Online School’s Design

Getting the best design for your school’s website is everything, so we are helping you build an elearning website that highlights your brand and helps users navigate it easier.

Over the course of the year, we made more site builder improvements and introduced the following features to make this possible:

Pop-up Builder

Our brand new pop-up builder allows you to create pop-up forms right into your landing or sales pages and invite users to join your email list.

A GIF showing the pop-builder inside LearnWorlds.

Use it to create custom pop-ups that look and feel exactly as you want them to and engage prospective customers, promote flash sales, or coupons, and inform users about a new course.

Ultra-useful widgets [calendar, counters, etc.]

To help you customize your website further using your own fonts and design format, we have introduced the possibility to choose from a great variety of widgets to add to your pages.

A screenshot of the Widgets' tab inside LearnWorlds.

From calendar, to countdown timers, animations and personalized messages for your learners, you can pick which ones you like and use our drag-and-drop functionality to do it easily.

New payment section, pay and enroll

From now on, your customers won’t need to create an account before they can purchase your courses. Learners are not required to login or create an account instead they get to simply check out and sign up at your school and get access to the course at once.

Learn more about this feature:
Introducing Flexible Payment Sections

Maximizing Your Online Courses’ Marketing

LearnWorlds offers the ability to boost your marketing efforts as a whole, helping you reach out to a wider audience and position yourself as a leader in your field.

With the help of our new mobile app builder, enhanced email integrations and powerful form builder you can do wonders:

Mobile App Builder

If you want to take the next step to offer incredible online learning experiences then you are ready to use LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder.

Our Mobile App Builder is the ultimate learning tool allowing you to offer learning experiences on the go – talking about mobile learning! It is designed to help you launch your online courses with your very own school’s native mobile app for iOS and Android. This is a white-label app solution that is fully customizable to suit the needs of your business and it is offered under your brand.

Learn more about this feature:
Introducing the Most Powerful Mobile Learning App Builder

Enhanced email integrations

Using LearnWorlds allows you to connect your school with the most powerful email marketing tools in the market including Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and ConvertKit.

With our enhanced email integrations, the new lead capture capabilities, and automated responses -see auto-tagging, user preferences, and extra personalization- you have all it takes to communicate with your audience better and grow your business.

Learn more about our integrations:

Introducing: Enhancing Email Integrations, More Data, More Love…More Sales

Form Builder

LearnWorlds new multi-purpose Form Builder is here to stay and to help you build engaging surveys with a specific goal in mind.

A screenshot showing a form example created with the form builder inside LearnWorlds.

This is equipped with 16 different question types, powerful file upload, webcam capture, tagging based on answers, easy customization, Zapier triggers, URL redirection, and a rich template library. Use for course onboarding purposes, to capture new leads, learn more about your learners or gather valuable feedback.

Learn more about this feature:
New Multi-Purpose Form Builder: The Swiss Army Knife for your online school

Enhancing Your Online School Business Management

Apart from creating, marketing, and selling your online courses, you also need to be able to manage your online school processes effectively.

As an all-in-one elearning solution, LearnWorlds comes with the best upgrade package.

This includes enhanced user management, course insights, a new Zapier integration, and Help Center, among other features:

User management redesign & Bulk user actions

With the new user management settings, you can see and manage all users inside your school from one directory. Simply search for their name, and filter their records by course or date, check their last login, edit their emails and passwords, import or export the information you need.

A screenshot of the User Management page inside LearnWorlds

Check out the user icons to identify the role of each user inside your school, view their card information, make multiple user selections, and perform bulk user actions with our Pro Trainer plan or Learning Center plan. This is not offered on the Starter pricing plan or trial.

Course Insights

With Course Insights you get in-depth knowledge into your school performance, analyzing important data that can help you make the best business and instructional decisions.

Course Insights come with radar charts to help you compare your most successful courses, a dashboard with user progress cards, visualization of learning activity performance, user filters to create audience segments, and one-click data exports.

Learn more about this feature:
Introducing Course Insights

New Zapier integration

The new Zapier integration allows you to connect 3000+ apps to your LearnWorlds school. With over 15 triggers, 6 actions, search capabilities, and multiple-action zaps, you can automate tasks in lead and user managements, course enrollments, record sales in your accounting software, and improve your learners’ experiences altogether.

Learn more about this feature:
The Most Advanced Zapier Integration for eLearning

New Help Center

This year we redefined the stellar support you deserve and we were proud to present our brand new Help Center. This is the place where you can find all the resources you need to use our platform.

A screenshot of LearnWorlds's new Help Center.

Browse our user-friendly support article database to learn how to start creating courses, build your business website, manage your account, and many more. Watch our webinars to get step-by-step instructions on specific tasks or submit a ticket to talk to our support team directly.

SSO and Apple ID

With the new LearnWorlds’ Single Sign-On and Apple ID login, you get to offer a better experience to your learners.

The key capabilities that unlock with the upgrade and introduction of these features are centralizing user access to web applications in one place, providing a consistent and frictionless login experience, reducing time-to-value for your learners, increasing your school’s security, and tracking GDPR compliance more easily.

Learn more about this feature:
Introducing New SSO & Apple ID Login: Slick UX Meets Easy Admin

Enhanced API

LearnWorlds offers the most extended API in the eLearning industry and there is so much you can do with its enhanced capabilities. Enriched with fifty-four brand new calls, our API fits your business needs and connects your LearnWorlds school to your enterprise software using a fully documented public API.

The new API documentation has a sleek user interface and experience and allows you to locate bugs easily, and view response information in a visually appealing environment.

Learn more about this feature:
Three Letters That Could Transform Your Online Learning Business: API

Explosive Growth and a Great Funding Opportunity

2021 is the year that reflected the results of the hard work we have put in ever since our foundation in 2014. Our platform has developed steadily over time, becoming a real business tool that helps edupreneurs launch great learning experiences.

The $32 million investment we secured through Insight Partners – the global venture capital and private equity firm – is already being used to double the number of our team members next year and expand the team internationally beyond our current headquarters in Greece and Cyprus.

The next step in this process is to combine LearnWorlds’ extraordinary product with Insight’s industry-leading scale-up experience to become the world’s leading online course platform, capitalizing on the growth of online education, knowledge economy and the creator economy.

Among the ocean of online course platforms, LearnWorlds stands out for its overall ease of use, outstanding content creation, powerful website builder, extreme flexibility, and exceptional customer support.

As Nikitas Koutoupes, Managing Director of Insight Partners, said “LearnWorlds is the ideal cloud-based LMS for creating world-class interactive brand learning experiences that have a quantifiable impact on learning outcomes.”

We are feeling the vibes of great things already in the making!

Learning Never Exhausts The Mind

One of the greatest geniuses in human history, Leonardo da Vinci, once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” A constant inspiration for the power of knowledge!

In 2021, we have implemented a wide series of webinars, workshops, and live events for course creators. Powered by industry experts, our in-depth expertise in the elearning industry, and our unquenchable passion to give back to our community of course creators.

To name just a few of the webinars and workshops we have organized for course creators:

Check out the entire playlist on our YouTube channel and visit our Just Launch it! website to learn about all the valuable workshops we’ve created this year.

365 Days Of Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the year, as LearnWorlds we did our best to offer the best elearning solution to our customers.

As you know customer reviews and testimonials on top review sites like G2 and Capterra never lie. After reading them, we were thrilled to learn how we made the everyday lives of our customers easier so that they can do what they love the most – teach!

Our customers love using LearnWorlds, and they are sharing their experiences with the rest of the world.

Here are some customer testimonials we got this year coming from G2 & Capterra and eLearningindustry:

‘LearnWorlds is BY FAR the best place to create and sell your online courses’ – Fred-Hakon B. (CEO & Course Creator at Small Business)

Read Fred-Hakon’s full review here

‘And the winner is….’ – Harry T. (Managing Director at Small Business)

Read Harry’s full review here.

‘The Best Platform on the Market’ – Shaheen M. (Founder/CEO at Small Business)

Read Shaheen’s full review here.

‘Fantastic Online Training Solution’ – Dalwyn D. (General Manager at Small Business)

Read Dalwyn’s full review here.

‘Absolutely stellar support’ – Chris T. (Owner of Small Business)

Read Chris’s full review here.

‘The most complete software for your elearning business’ – Luke J. (CEO)

‘It is the only platform I will use to represent me as an educator.’ – Damon L. M. (Owner of Accounting Business)

LearnWorlds powerful features and superb customer support stood out once again!

G2 amongst other popular review sites like Crozdesk, SoftwareWorld, and Finance Online, has rewarded us with some cool badges and amazing awards that we want to share with you.

From G2: A Momentum Leader and High Rank in User Experience

A graphic showing LearnWorlds' G2 badges and awards.

From Crozdesk: Top Ranked Solution, High User Satisfaction and Most Trusted Vendor

A graphic showing LearnWorlds' Crozdesk's badges.

From SoftwareWorld & Finances Online: Top Rated LMS, A Rising Star, and Great User Experience

A graphic showing LearnWorlds' SoftwareWorld and FinancesOnline badges.

From SoftwareSuggest & Better Alternative: A Hidden Gem, Best Support Provider & Best Usability

A graphic showing LearnWorlds' SoftwareSuggest and Better Alternative badges.

LearnWorld’s awards are proof that we exceed our customers’ expectations throughout 2021, in the categories of customer support, user experience, product usability and quality, and leadership!
We are excited that we were able to accommodate our customers’ needs for yet another year, and we are also super thankful that we have your support along the way.

A Live Social Community of Course Creators

2021 was a year full of exciting moments at LearnWorlds and our Social Media team also had a great ride! What did we do?

✔ Over 26.000 people are following us all over social media, whether it is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube! Talk about a huge community of edupreneurs!

✔ We shared amazing content on our YouTube channel, leading to over 430k views and 312 days of watch time!

✔ Tons of videos on a variety of training topics and step-by-step tutorials from both our experts here at LearnWorlds and masterminds in the space of course creation, design, marketing, and sales: tutorials, webinar recordings, expert talks.

By the way, if you’ve got education in your DNA, we encourage you to learn more to earn more by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

This was also a great year for other social media platforms! We’ve recently launched our Instagram account, where we’re posting daily edu-inspiration, tips & giveaways.

A Growing Team Of Talented And Inspired Professionals

Over the course of the year, LearnWorlds has grown rapidly and now has created a team of more than 100 people. This is a huge milestone as we are always looking for talented professionals to join us and help us become better every single day.

All the hard work and determination our team showed has paid off and brought superb results. We have doubled our team and we are thriving as a diversified company. Now as the new year is arriving, LearnWorlds is ready to help even more people create launch, and sell their online courses.

Check out our available vacancies here and see if you picture yourself being part of our success stories building something that matters!

Moving Forward to 2022

And that was just the beginning of a wonderful journey to kick-start 2022 with tons of energy!
We are super excited to welcome 2022, as we have planned great things for LearnWorlds course creators.

Stay tuned for more amazing features releases, events, workshops, and material that will enable you to keep creating amazing learning experiences for your learners.

Getting better each day!

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