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LearnWorlds Year in Review 2020: When Learning turned Digital

2020 was a year we gladly put behind us and most of us will be more than happy to forget. Unprecedented challenges, hardships and losses, primarily on a human level, but also for businesses and edupreneurs, with entire industries being frozen for months at a time.

However, every major turmoil has a silver lining. And 2020 will stand out as the year that learning turned digital. Millions upon million of users have discovered and loved online courses, both as a source of skills or edutainment. And thousands upon thousands of creators and businesses turned to online courses for monetizing their audiences and skills, or transitioned to online business models.

Looking back on 2020, it was a year where we, here at LearnWorlds, had to go back to basics and helped as many people as possible to transition online, salvage their businesses and grasp opportunities.

We have been lucky to have colleagues and families we could lean upon, and cope with adversity through hard work, creativity and collaboration. We have been blessed to have been able to help thousands of people to create, launch and sell their online courses, and stay afloat.

And we have been lucky to have customers like you supporting us and encouraging us.

We are excited about the progress we have made. But we are much more excited about what lies ahead in the future.

Let’s have a great year ahead. Hopefully normal, and even boring in a good way.

The future of learning is online, and the future is now!

Stay safe everyone.

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Awards & Customer Reviews for LearnWorlds

Since 2014, LearnWorlds offers a high-end course platform to create, sell and deliver online courses. We pride ourselves in listening to our users and implementing the latest research in elearning to create the best learning platform for you and your students.

G2 – As a Momentum Leader & High Performer

Katie’s Review: “LearnWorlds has been so great for my company”

What do you like best?

The software is so awesome for the price point. You cannot get a better online LMS for this price. This one is the best! They have great integrations with other software too like Google Analytics, MailChimp, Referral Programs, Stripe, Social Media Platforms and tons more. When I need help, they always go out of their way to give the customer service I need. ***** 5 STAR review for LearnWorlds!

What do you dislike?

I have to send emails for customer service rather than speaking with someone on the phone.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

All in one place software to create courses and sell them. They make is super easy.

LearnWorlds Review at G2

Gavin’s Review: LearnWorlds is the ONLY online course platform for me

What do you like best?

I literally tried every platform out there and the decision was easy. LearnWorlds offer more features, is without a doubt the easiest to use and has the community and social aspects I needed. Best of all, the service and the onboarding was first rate and ALL my questions were answered and my learning curve was shortened by Eliza and the gang. Nobody out there has more cool stuff on their platform. Period.

What do you dislike?

The only thing that I dislike is probably one of the greatest strengths of LearnWorlds. LearnWorlds offers A LOT of stuff. It can be overwhelming at first and I was nervous about learning all there is to know. But their staff and onboarding team made it SO EASY to learn as Eliza walked me step by step through EVERYTHING. An actual person to help ease my fears and answer my questions. So don’t be overwhelmed at first as there is help everywhere.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Do you research and you will wind up at LearnWorlds without a doubt.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

With LearnWorlds, I have solved the problem of course creation. Everything is broken down into cool modules that snap together to form your course. It is super fun to use and each course has been created lickity split and I had over 50 courses on my platform before I knew it. The huge benefit of time saved is absolutely priceless to me.

LearnWorlds Review at G2

Elearning Industry – Top 20 LMS for User Experience & Customer Experience

Youngju’s Review – Best in the product quality and Even better in the customer support.

What do you like best?

I am not saying this because I do not know enough about other companies. Before I chose to use Learnworlds, I basically tried every single well known learning management system. First of all, the product is intuitively designed so it is incredibly easy to use. Second, I can see how much they thought about the usage of the product. Everyone at Learnworlds is so professional. Very good employees. They always come up with the solutions.

What do you dislike?

It is not actually Learnworlds problem but I could not use the platform in the Korean market because of a payment issue. But again, it is a Korean thing. It will be great if I have more choices in templates and little more flexibility.

Elearning Industry LearnWorlds Review

Anonymous Reviewer – These guys are didactics and IT nerds (for the platform). Perfect!

What do you like best?

Customer support is simply outstanding. Many didactically useful functions, not just some marketing shite like teachable

What do you dislike?

Such a complex platform can´t satisfy all users with their various needs, so nothing really. In some cases I need to learn a workaround, but it all works up to now.

Elearning Industry LearnWorlds Review

Capterra – 5-Star Reviews

Kristen’s Review – “Builds Great Courses Easily”

Overall: LearnWorlds allows creating content on a digital learning platform to be a simple, enjoyable process. One can focus on the content rather than the design. Excellent resource.

Pros: LearnWorlds creates quality templates to construct online courses. The website is easy to use and provides a number of options for posting content, from interactive videos to sleek e-books to a discussion board. This is an excellent tool for building content.

Cons: This software had few built-in accessibility features. It could be improved with speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities and options for drag-and-drop activities.

Capterra LearnWorlds Review

Antonio’s Review – “Great all in one LMS”

Overall: My overall experience is very good. Unless you build your school from scratch and pay thousands of dollars for it, you won’t get absolutely everything you want. But I feel that anyone will get most things with Learnworlds and they will have success building their online school.

Pros: I enjoy all the integrations and the fact that they are always launching new features. Anyone with no code experience can come up with a beautiful school. Lots of articles explaining how to use and make the best of your school and you can always reach out for support and they are very responsive. Overall, a great value if you are looking to have your school up and running within days and want to have the ability to grow over time.

Cons: The more comprehensive plans are a little more expensive than what you can find out there but it’s totally worth it if you are serious about building a great online school.

Capterra LearnWorlds Review

Exciting New Features & Updates

It has been a full year in all departments, our dev team in particular has been working around the clock to develop important features and roll out new needs due to the pandemic.

Here are our feature highlights for this year:

New Site Builder

LearnWorlds’ new Site Builder is a state-of-the-art, modern, powerful and flexible elearning website builder.

The Site Builder is how you control the visual identity of your online school. You can create wonderful elearning websites, landing pages, web pages, control the SEO settings, and use one of hundreds of templates to create a beautiful online school.

There are many big and small changes, we need a book to introduce the Site Builder in all its majesty. Be sure to register for one of our weekly webinars where we present it’s capabilities.

Zoom & Webex for Live Classes

2020 is the year online education skyrocketed. For some was the only choice, for some others an untapped opportunity, and many boosted their existing offering!

eLearning was already destined to be the next step in education, but this 2020 has undoubtedly accelerated this process.

In no time, we accommodated our customers requests and added Zoom integration for live classes, shortly followed by Webex and the functionality of connecting multiple accounts to run simultaneous live classes and webinars.

You can read more on these features:

LearnWorlds Zoom Integration
LearnWorlds Webex Integration & Multiple Simultaneous Classes

live webinar

*Both integrations are available on the Pro Trainer plan and above.

Advanced Reporting Center: User Progress, Segments & Scheduled Automated Reports

Knowledge is power, information is king, reporting is painful. That’s why we automated it. Teaching online while coming with more detailed information about your students, it needs to be made actionable.

Our new Reporting Center bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights. There are 3 parts to it:

* Different levels of reporting are available based on the pricing plan you are in. You have basic reporting accessible to the Starter plan and full customizable and scheduled reports in the Learning Center plan. You can see the differences in our plans page.

Interactive Video Update: Transcripts & Subtitles

Early in 2020, we released a new version of the Interactive Video Editor, adding interactivity on your video lessons with just a few clicks!.

Along with the new editor, we added two incredible new features, the Interactive Transcripts and Video Subtitles. Now you can either set an auto-generated transcription of your videos, or you can upload your own script.

Eitherways, the text will appear in sync with the sound for a better learner experience. This is specifically designed to support students that are not native speakers or impaired.

Be sure to check it out!

interactive transcript

*The interactive video and its features are only available on the Learning Center plan.

Local Payment Gateways

We also added new payment options, the local payment gateways for European countries through our Stripe integration. Those are:

local payment gateways

Also, check the multiple payment options through the website builder. Visitors to a website feel safer when they have more options, especially a familiar or local payment gateway to choose when paying.

Giving options to your customers makes course sales easier.

File Assignments

You ask, and we hear!

You asked, we listened!

A highly sought-after feature was the ability to upload files as an assignment. Whether that’s a document, a video or a picture, your students can now upload a file assignment.

file assignments


If you are looking for a SCORM Compliant LMS, you are in the right place. One of the first features released in 2020 was the ability to upload SCORM and Multimedia (HTML5) files as learning activities.

The SCORM integration is in continuous evolution, with more releases for 2021 to improve the experience and reporting of SCORM files.

scorm files

Single Activity Courses

The Single Activity Course goes well with SCORM, as it is designed for courses that offer a single learning unit, as it’s usual with SCORM or when selling digital downloads or lead captures.

Using this version of a course player, it removes the navigation to allow for an immersive experience of the learning unit.

single activity course

Multi-Answer Quizzes

Quizzes have been a stable feature of Learnworlds from the start. But, there is not always one correct answer. Taking our assessment a step forward, quizzes can now have more than one correct option!

multiple quiz

UTM Parameter Tracking

Do you want to know which campaign brought more course sales? Now you can!

You can see where your students came from and how they subscribed to your school/courses. This information can also be exported and viewed on the Reporting Center to further analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and improve your conversions!

utm parameters

Tagging Users

And, you can also tag users to better monitor and follow the activity of groups/cohorts. User tagging can also be connected to the website builder to control the visibility of certain sections / items and much more we will reveal soon!

taggin users

Custom Fonts

You can upload any font you want to use in your school and add it as the primary font of your website!

Custom fonts reflect your brand visual identity: sowe have expanded our font options with the capability to add your own custom font to be fully consistent with your existing website.

New Languages: Chinese (Traditional) and Japanese

LearnWorlds users can choose to have the User Interface (UI) of their students in any language. We now offer 10 preloaded languages, or you can create your own custom translation to offer your local language and even dialect!

custom languages

*You can check LearnWorlds’ Pricing and Plans Comparison pages for more information about pricing and which plans are available to which plan.

Notable features from 2019

Affiliate Management

You can build your own sales team and manage your affiliate program from your LearnWorlds dashboard, without paying extra for a third-party tool. We made it easier for you to have experts or influencers do school marketing for you.

IP Protection features

Enhanced intellectual property protection. This set of features make piracy and account sharing harder. It’s not one or two small updates, but rather a full security suite all included in one plan!

Blog feature

With LearnWorlds, it’s not just a course or a website, it’s an all-in-one suite to host your elearning business, including your blog.

New Player & Navigation

We also launched a new customizable course player. You can now customize the experience of your students, change the colour, design and it also comes with added capabilities for controlling the navigation path of the student and when a course or section is considered finished.

The Media Library

A better way to upload, manage and control the images you use in the whole account. Whether it is while building online courses or landing pages.

Video Stats & Heatmaps

With improved insights, every educator can better understand the viewing habits of their students, or identify weak and drop-off points. Now, you have this information in your hands!


Viewing and managing the progress of your students in a new and better way than in any way before.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

After GDPR came the SCA for card payments in the EU. If you are based or have clients in the EU, you have to be SCA compliant, and, with LearnWorlds you are fully compliant with the new requirements.

New Audio Player

A better way to upload and play audio files. Upload your audio lessons, podcasts or sound exercises and allow your students to enjoy them to the fullest.

Writing for You – Most Read Articles from LearnWorlds’ Blog

Lastly, our blog attracted more than a million visits during 2020 with people looking to learn more about elearning and creating training videos, their first course and how to market and sell online courses!

We value real, high quality education. LearnWorlds was founded by a team of PhDs in elearning technologies and R&D is in our blood. We keep evolving our understanding of elearning, technology and the best industry practices, and include them in our product.

Using our combined knowledge, we write in-depth articles and guides to educate LearnWorlds users and everyone looking to join the knowledge society by sharing their knowledge and teaching online.

Want to learn more? Here are some of our most popular articles for 2020:

We Provide the Best White-Label Course Platform

Every year, we strive to be our best selves. LearnWorlds is constantly evolving.

We strive to offer the best online course platform in the market and we continuously work to enhance the learning experience we offer, while also offering advanced ecommerce capabilities. We know that the success of our customers depends both on the sales capabilities and the e-learning excellence we provide!

And, we want your brand to shine as well! Both with the transition from our pages builder to the brand new technology of the Site Builder. We pride in giving you the best all-in-one, white-labelled e-learning platform to host your elearning business under your own custom domain.

LearnWorlds works for every edupreneur and is flexible to work for you too!

Are you looking to create a learning community or a membership site? You will love what we have done.

Are you looking to connect your favourite marketing tools? If we don’t integrate with it, we offer Zapier to integrate it.

Are you looking to have an interactive and social online course? We have a built-in community, a mini-social network, the interactive video editor and interactive ebooks to add that extra pinch of spice to your course!

And, most of all, our team is there for you in every step of the way. Going through the reviews above, you will see that one of our strongest points is our incredible support team. LearnWorlds support goes the extra mile to help you succeed!

That’s not all.

We got an incredible year coming up, a lot of surprises coming up. New features are coming up, improvements, and even more people are joining our team to provide an excellent experience and guide you to the path of success!

You can check out LearnWorlds with a free 30-day trial and subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel for more!

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