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A Year of Growth and Innovation: LearnWorlds 2022 Year in Review

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A Year in Review_ Looking Back to 2022

We believe that the only way to unlock a brighter tomorrow is to think big today. Undoubtedly, the world and society of the future will be shaped by those brave enough to speak up, take action, and even challenge the status quo.

On a global scale, we can’t turn a blind eye to the war in Ukraine that has caused immense suffering and destruction, causing severe economic hardship and leading to a humanitarian crisis. In LearnWorlds, we have team members who are suffering from the terrible crisis in Ukraine. Our minds and hearts are always with them and their families.

It is not enough to simply be content with the present; instead, we must strive for progress and growth. This means embracing change and exploring new ideas, learning from our mistakes and failures, and investing in future innovations that can help create a better tomorrow. We must also remember that progress often comes with challenges and difficult decisions – but these hurdles can be overcome if we look beyond our own limitations and strive for something greater.

The catalyst for progress and growth is learning, and LearnWorlds is the best-suited platform to help you achieve this. Our mission is to serve trainers and learners as their leading technology partner to improve, expand, and impact training.

That is what we did in 2022, and that is what we will continue to do in 2023. with even greater intensity.

2022 was a momentous one for LearnWorlds, with significant growth in our business and an array of new features and improved learning experiences.

We hosted numerous exciting webinars, workshops, coaching and customer education events to help people learn from the best. Our customers also gave us glowing reviews on review sites that earned us badges of recognition. Furthermore, we grew our social media communities even more.

Additionally, we celebrated our team members’ hard work and dedication at the LearnWorlds 2022 retreat while offering new career opportunities for those interested in joining us.

It has been an eventful year, and we want to give you a quick recap, so without further ado, here’s our year in review!

New and Upgraded LearnWorlds Features: Get Ready to Transform Your Online Learning Experience!

We saw LearnWorlds customers fueling business growth like never before. See how far we’ve come.

We’re proud of what our customers achieved in 2022 with their academies built with LearnWorlds:

Each quarter in 2022, a record number of new learners were added and new digital products were created!

Together with our customers, we are committed to continuously improving our platform capabilities with one thing in mind: “Getting better every single day.” This is not only our motto but also our #1 priority throughout the year.

We’ve listed below the new features and product updates released in 2022 that most of our customers have been looking forward to.

🎯 Transform your digital products

Content is the core of your academy.

The most complete Assessment Builder

Evaluating learners’ knowledge has become even more flexible with our powerful Assessment Builder. Sixteen question types have been added, ready-made assessments have been introduced, including the ability for your learners to do self-evaluations. Want to know more? Here’s what’s new in a nutshell:

One-to-one and group sessions

We introduced one-to-one and group sessions to improve communication with your learners and enhance the entire learning experience. As a feature, it is particularly valuable for coaches who rely heavily on live and on-demand sessions to carry out their practice and daily tasks; however, it is not limited to them.

One-to-one and group sessions allow learners to schedule a session with you as the admin or any course instructor in your academy based on their availability and the client’s demand, using Calendly.

Learning Activities Course Completion & Navigation Rules

Here, at LearnWorlds, we support your training programs with 20+ eLearning content types. You can choose the learning activity which delivers your content in the best way. You can now easily customize completion rules for each learning unit of your course and be confident that your audience understands the value of your course. Your learners can, for example, be required to watch a certain percentage of videos or read a certain percentage of eBooks before continuing their learning.

💁 Learn more about course navigation and completion rules here.

🎨 Embrace design that converts

Turn visitors into learners.

Site Templates | Professional-looking and Industry-specific

We know that each academy is unique, and the goals of every course creator are different. As a way to showcase this better, we have introduced 50+ new site templates that you can access from the Site Builder to help you build your beautiful and professional academy website just as easily and quickly without using any code.

From Art & Design to Coaching and Customer education, we don’t stop here: more than 50 beautiful, ready-to-go fresh designs are waiting for you to level up your academy.

Parallax Scrolling

If you want to make your website more engaging, then you need Parallax Scrolling. This impressive feature addition is here to help you present your brand’s story in a different, more immersive way. Parallax Scrolling adds special effects to your website’s elements so that when users scroll through your website, the background moves slower, hooking their attention until they reach the bottom of the page, thus reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.

Undo Button

The Undo Button was the long-awaited feature that most of our customers have been expecting to see on the platform. Now you no longer need to worry about making mistakes or any changes to your work and instead get to focus on what matters the most – your academy. You will see this feature inside the Site Builder, Assessment, Certificate, and form Editors.

💡 Learn more about all these amazing features here and here

💰 Monetize fast with ease

Boost your digital sales.

Multiple Seats

Multiple seats aren’t just a new feature but a whole new product! With it, you can make group registrations and sales to a single buyer a lot easier. You can use it to offer a desired number of seats to an organization, giving them additional control over user management with minimal administrative effort on your side.

Multiple seats apply to B2B organizations, as well as companies offering customer education or employee training.

Frictionless payment options

New frictionless payment options mean more flexible payments and, evidently, more sales. Offering your customers the ability to pay however they like increases the likelihood of making a sale, and this is one of the reasons we decided to add Apple Pay, Google Pay/Google Wallet, Klarna, and Afterpay to the payment options you can offer your customers.

With this feature addition, your customers can choose to pay without their credit card, check out only by using Face ID with Apple Pay wallet, or by installments via their Klarna account.

🧙 Collaborate smarter & better

Gain control as an admin.

Custom user roles
Custom User Roles is a powerful feature that allows you to control the level of access and determine the role of team members inside your academy. We introduced this feature and added 13 predefined user roles that you can customize further, and we broke them down into three major categories of permissions: Administrative, Instructional, and Reporting.

Make use of this feature to streamline collaboration workflows, keep sensitive information safe by restricting access, boost your team’s productivity, and delegate tasks effectively.

Course activity reports
As part of the other major product updates we did this year, we enabled PDF Course Activity reports. This is an extremely handy feature as it allows you to download a learner’s activity reports in PDF format and share them with external parties. The reports include key data on each learner’s time on a course per date, their learning activity score, and log-in/off times.

🛠️ Connect your favorite tools

Your academy and your tech stack go together, natively.

Automate tax management and customize your billing journey
Take some weight off your shoulders as LearnWorlds and Quaderno enable you to have an automatic system that manages your sales taxes right in your school.

Four New built-in Email Marketing Integrations
Apart from Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and Convertkit, you can now seize upon four new powerful email marketing platforms – GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, or Moosend – to engage with your learners and boost your sales.

🛡️ Safeguard your academy

We protect you and your users even better.

LearnWorlds now integrates with reCAPTCHA v3 to equip your School with the mechanism to keep your website safe from fraudulent activities without creating friction for your legitimate users.

Strong password requirements
Now, you can leverage the advanced website settings to set strong password requirements for your users. Thus, you will minimize the chance of account hijacking and safeguard your learners’ data.

Approval for sign-ups
To go the extra mile with your website security, you can enable Approval for Sign-ups to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. As another way of employing this workflow, you can set a screening process with specific criteria or make your school’s website open for Sign-ups before any learning activities are live.

💁 Learn more about the new security enhancements here

📱 Mobile App Builder

A revolutionary learning experience. 

Last year, we introduced LearnWorlds’ Mobile App Builder, a powerful product that lets you engage customers with your online academy on the go via your own branded app.

Being the pioneers of mobile learning, we couldn’t stop there! We worked hard, bringing you not one, two, or even three, but six new powerful features! From your learners’ sign-up experience to reinventing the way they learn every day.

App Analytics
Track your learners’ journey and your academy’s app performance through a single dashboard.

Offline Video Mode
Make learning even more accessible, even without data, without an internet connection.

Learning Reminders
Boost your learners’ motivation by helping them to stay on track with their learning goals.

Biometric Authentication with Face and Touch ID
A seamless experience that allows your learners to access your courses by using face or fingerprint recognition.

Guest User Flow
Enable a potential customer to explore your academy’s app and courses before they commit to anything.

Powerful Integrations
Google Firebase and Facebook Business SDK allow you to create custom reports and track campaign performance.

💡 You Ask, We Deliver

Your voice matters.

Last but not least, during the last quarter of 2022, we launched the “You Ask. We Deliver.” product updates — a recurring series of posts highlighting customer-requested features and improvements.

We delivered a total of 32 new improvements across the platform! These included features like New export options for Question Banks, Assessments, and Forms, a new filtering option in sales reporting, new functionality in user enrollment, and many more.

💁 Check out these new improvements here, and look for the changes in our course authoring tools, website builder, administration tools, integrations, and mobile app builder.

A Year of Growth and Learning Opportunities: LearnWorlds 2022 Events, Webinars, and Workshops

Equipping yourself with knowledge is the best way to move forward. At LearnWorlds, we are big supporters of learning – as you would expect, and we value the importance of education. That’s why we enjoy giving back to our community in multiple ways.

Throughout 2022, we organized multiple events to help our customers and aspiring course creators equip themselves with the knowledge they need to succeed and achieve their goals. Such initiatives have brought several successful entrepreneurs and industry-leading experts to the forefront to share their success secrets.

From our premier annual event, “Worlds of Learning 2022 (WOL2022)”, to our very first Mobile App Builder birthday, this year had it all and more!

Watch out for the events coming up in 2023. We are already planning some exciting things for you!

A Yearlong Endeavor of Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the year, we’ve been doing our best to provide our customers with the best elearning experience imaginable. Our customers have taken time out of their busy schedules to write us glowing reviews on sites like G2 and Capterra – and it’s no wonder! We’ve worked hard to make life easier for those who use our platform so that they can concentrate on what matters most: building a successful online business.

The kind words that our customers shared with the world were an immense source of joy and pride for us. Each review was like a badge of honor, encouraging us to strive harder and improve. From individuals looking to jumpstart their careers as educators to entire organizations in need of a comprehensive learning platform to educate their customers or to build their coaching programs – we had something for everyone this year!

Our customers raved about how user-friendly the platform is, how interactive the content is and even how supportive our team has been when they needed help. They were also quick to point out how LearnWorlds helped them create engaging courses without requiring any coding experience or technical know-how on their part. It’s simply an all-in-one solution designed for those who are passionate about education but don’t necessarily have the skillset required for development from scratch.

Check out some of our favorite customer testimonials ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Verified customer review on Capterra
Verified customer review on Capterra
Verified customer review on G2
Verified customer review on G2
Verified customer review on G2

Building your online academy and launching your online courses and programs with LearnWorlds is an incredibly rewarding experience, thanks to its wide range of powerful features and outstanding customer support.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized by G2 and other popular review sites like Getapp, SoftwareAdvice, eLearning Industry, Crozdesk, and Software Suggest, who have awarded us with valuable badges and acclaim.

From G2: A Momentum Leader & Small Business Leaders and High Rank in User Experience

Top 100 fastest growing products – Best Software Awards 2022
Momentum Leaders & Small Business Leaders in LMS, Online Learning Platforms, Course Authoring, Customer Education, and Corporate LMS

From Capterra: Emerging favorite in Mobile Learning Software, Course Authoring Software, and Top performer in Learning Experience Platform Software

Shortlist for Top performer in Learning experience platform software, Emerging Favorite in Mobile learning software, Course authoring software, Microlearning Software, and Training Software, Noteworthy product in eLearning authoring tools software

From Getapp: Category Leader in Mobile Learning and Microlearning

From Software Advice: Front Runner 2022, Most recommended 2022, and Best Customer support

From eLearning Industry: Top 20 LMS in Customer Experience and User Experience

From Crozdesk: Trusted vendor with high market presence, Happiest users, and Top ranked quality choice

From Software Suggest: Best results 2022

🚀 All in all, it’s been a great year for LearnWorlds! We look forward to continuing our mission of making life easier for course creators in years to come.

Our Active and Vibrant Social Media Communities Kept The Love Flowing In

At LearnWorlds, we strive to provide our audience and customers with endless opportunities to connect and collaborate within an interactive and engaging platform. So, if you are not already following us on LinkedIn, we invite you to do so.

You will stay up to date with the latest online learning trends, you’ll get access to a wealth of free and practical content and resources for your online business, you will have the chance to meet and connect with a growing network of educators, entrepreneurs, and learners, learn from industry leaders and experienced professionals, and have insights on new tools & tips for creating successful online courses!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

What is the beating heart of LearnWorlds? A thriving team and a great working culture!

Our company has been remote since its inception (although we have offices in several locations should anyone wish to escape their remote working space), so meeting everyone and spending time together is always truly amazing.

This year, LearnWorlds’ team flew from across countries to explore two incredible places in northern Greece; Ioannina, a beautiful city next to a mesmerizing lake, and Papigko, a charming and picturesque village. We packed our luggage with warm clothes, sneakers, and extra layers of good mood, for a memorable 5-day retreat that had it all: great food and delicious drinks; dancing, hiking, rafting, and a great time bonding.

Seeing our fellow team members from across Europe make it to the retreat was awesome and heartwarming. Every company needs a positive work culture to build a healthy and productive work environment, so we are really happy and proud to have accomplished this.

Retreats like the one we had foster healthy relationships, motivate our people and make them happier. And we will admit it, it’s always fun to hang out and spend time with our colleagues. 🌞

Besides, we pride ourselves on being an innovative and fast-growing company offering job opportunities to talented professionals in the e-learning industry. With a strong focus on creating amazing customer experiences, we have developed an inspiring working culture that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Our company has experienced tremendous growth over the last year, growing from 70 people to over 130 employees in less than 12 months! We are a team passionate about learning and development, providing our people with access to state-of-the-art technology and regular training sessions.

Our diverse workforce comes from all around the world and brings together different cultures, backgrounds, and skill sets – making it one of the most exciting places to work in today’s digital economy.

At LearnWorlds, we are always looking to build a talented and enthusiastic team of professionals who share our goal of enabling professionals to create their own online academies and shape the future of eLearning. That’s why we invite you to check out our career page and discover all the opportunities that LearnWorlds offers!

Moving Forward to 2023

2022 was an exciting new year for LearnWorlds, our people, our customers, and the elearning industry! As this new year arrives, it brings with it a world of possibilities and opportunities for all.

For LearnWorlds and our customers, 2023 will bring further advancements in our platform, numerous product launches, and innovative features that will revolutionize how we learn online.

Thanks to LearnWorlds’ team of highly experienced professionals and dedicated customer support team, users can expect continuous improvements to the platform that make it even easier for professionals to share their knowledge with learners around the world.

In addition to improving the user experience on its platform, LearnWorlds will focus on ensuring customer success in 2023 by further enhancing its features that make delivering online courses and all sorts of online programs easy-breezy for instructors, coaches, professionals who serve students from different backgrounds or geographic locations.

We step into 2023 energized with optimism about what lies ahead for you, our amazing customers; the aspired course creators and professionals who trust LearnWorlds to build and launch your online academies and online businesses, to train or educate your audiences. We will continue making progress and getting better every single day to help you succeed with your goals. The journey ahead looks nothing but bright!

The beginning of every year is a time for reflection and also a great time to set new goals. If you haven’t started your online school with LearnWorlds yet, sign up today and start conquering your dreams!

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Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects. Before following the startup route, he was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.