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A Year of Growth and Innovation: LearnWorlds 2023 Year in Review

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As the curtains draw on 2023, we at LearnWorlds are thrilled to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey of learning, growth, and success that our platform and our community has experienced.

The past twelve months have been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by product breakthroughs and the relentless pursuit of innovation and knowledge that defines the essence of LearnWorlds.

From empowering educators to inspiring learners, our platform has been the trusted partner for thousands of creators and millions of learners on their journeys to learning and earning.

Don’t let the title fool you; this is no ordinary year-end review. This is the success story of LearnWorlds and the course creators and businesses who trusted our platform to achieve their 2023 new year resolutions and beyond.

We saw LearnWorlds customers fueling business growth like never before. See how far we’ve come. We’re proud of what our customers achieved in 2023 with their academies built with LearnWorlds:

Our belief is that the fuel for innovation and progress is none other than learning itself.

Our mission? To stand shoulder to shoulder with creators, edupreneurs and learners, serving as the front line of technological advancement that elevates, broadens, and leaves a lasting impact on the world of training.

In 2023, we not only lived up to this mission but surpassed expectations, laying the groundwork for an even more impactful 2024. With an unwavering passion, we catapulted LearnWorlds into a pivotal chapter of growth, unveiling a multitude of groundbreaking features and refining the very essence of learning experiences.

It was also our pleasure to share our expertise with you. Countless webinars, workshops, coaching sessions, and customer education events, each meticulously designed to extract wisdom from the very best minds.

The applause we received wasn’t just in the form of badges on review sites – it was a constant flow of praise from our thriving social media communities, a testament to the ever-expanding reach of our collective influence.

So, let’s break it down – 2023 was a ride, with every milestone echoing the spirit of progress, and we’re excited to give you a quick look at the highlights!

Our customers dedication to education fueled our extraordinary milestones

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to continuously improve the capabilities of our platform with one goal in mind: “Getting better every day.” This is not just our motto but also our top priority.

Listed below are the new features and product updates most of our customers looked forward to in 2023.

💡Crafting learning experiences

AI Assistant
From shaping your course structure to repackaging it to reach different audiences, the AI Assistant is your ultimate ally in delivering unparalleled educational content. No matter where you stand on your e-learning journey, our AI Assistant empowers you to craft top-tier learning experiences effortlessly.
Blend your expertise with our ready-made prompts crafted by instructional designers to match your content approach.

Transform how you manage and communicate with your users, making it more efficient, reliable, and scalable. Automations are equipped with ready-made templates and customizable triggers and conditions, enabling you to manage and communicate on the spot, where and when it’s needed the most.

Upgraded eBook Builder
We took our eBook Builder to a new level! The new eBook Builder combines fluid editing & design experiences with limitless content visualization capabilities and empowering instructions, enabling you to focus on the essence of your content, not on the tool you’re using.

Variables in Assessments
The Assessment Builder now supports variables using the Liquid template language. For example, you can use {{user.name}} and depending on who the user is, they will see their own name.

New Live Learning Activities
We brought four new features to ensure success with your online live events. Discover the new live activities toolkit to secure attendance, minimize administrative work, and improve your learners’ experience even more.

Built-in Community
With a revamped UX and enhanced functionalities, the upgraded Community was designed to expand your Academy’s capabilities to deliver even more value to learners. As we enter 2024, you’re now equipped to elevate engagement, foster loyalty, and facilitate networking.

Content Cloning & Syncing
Redefine the way you repurpose and update your content! Experience an enhanced import feature within the same school, ensuring seamless content transfer, and now, a new sync option to keep everything up-to-date. Extend this convenience across different schools within the same organization with improved content import & sync.

Weglot Integration
Make your content accessible to everyone, everywhere. Activate our native integration with Weglot to translate and display your school in multiple languages.

🎨 Building your brand

Import & Export Site Templates
The new Import & Export Site Templates feature allows you to efficiently replicate your top website templates across schools, saving time and effort. In addition, you can export and sell your templates externally to other LearnWorlds schools, unlocking new ways to monetize your knowledge.

Pre-order Forms
The Pre-order Forms opens up new opportunities for your academy! Easily collect quotes, course pre-orders, applications, demo requests, and more in one place, making it simpler to track requests, take action, and declutter your inbox.

New Mobile App Builder
The New Mobile App Builder adds even more control and personalization options so you can ensure brand consistency. Add new screens to your school’s branded app, control your app’s main navigation, utilize tags to customize the app’s home page for different groups of learners, and boost your app’s design with ready-made sections.

Site Builder Upgrade
Our market-leading Site Builder got an interface upgrade to empower edupreneurs to build their websites fast and hassle-free. Enjoy sleek design, enhanced navigation, and accelerated editing to make the website building process ultimately seamless, smooth, and effortless for LearnWorlds course creators.

Multiple After-login Pages
With our latest building block, you can create multiple after-login pages based on a user’s tag so that you can provide different customer segments with a personalized welcome experience.


🎯 Marketing & selling your offerings

Mass Emails
Embrace next-level communication for your school and the easiness of sending crucial messages to your users. Our latest feature allows you to effortlessly broadcast emails directly to all your students from LearnWorlds platform.

Page Funnels
Create a sequential set of landing pages to direct your learners through the journey you designed for them. Improve your lead nurturing process by providing valuable information at each stage, and boost your course sign-ups by removing any distractions from the enrollment process.

Extended Webhooks & API
With the new enhancements on Webhooks, you can now initiate new webhook events through User Automations, providing access to a broader range of events and allowing for more customized, event-specific triggers. Additionally, our enriched LearnWorlds Restful API includes twenty-six new calls, expanding your school’s functionalities.

🛠️ Managing with ease

Multiple Schools Dashboard
Now you can effortlessly manage multiple online schools all in one place. Switch between schools using the same credentials, create new schools in just a few clicks, clone existing schools and manage your bills from one place. All that so you have better control and visibility over your business.

User Groups
Empower clients with branded training environments, customize learning flows, and streamline operations using User Groups. Automated grouping, personalized experiences, and dedicated managers ensure focused guidance for an enhanced learning journey. Experience unparalleled control, customization, and efficiency for superior training management.

User Tags Manager
In 2023, we introduced the Tags control center. This powerful feature centralizes all your user tags, streamlines their categorization, and big-time simplifies tags administration.

User Progress Reset
Our Reset Progress feature empowers you to offer every learner a unique opportunity to revisit and complete courses or activities. Tailor the learning journey to each individual’s circumstances, recognizing that every path to success is different.
This tool is your ally in creating a supportive and adaptable learning environment, where second chances are a gateway to mastery and confidence.

Two-Factor Authentication
With 2FA, school admins can now activate either optional or mandatory two-step verification for all Users, or choose the desired setting per User role.

Sign-up Approval
Signup Approval can replace your existing access control workflows of manually adding users or using external form applications for admissions. Using this powerful feature, you can now manage and maintain a waitlist for admissions.

Multiple SSO
Meet the next level of sign-in/up the flexibility of your academy with Multiple SSO! Now, under one academy account, you can combine a Built-In LearnWorlds user authorization with Social Logins, and up to 3 SAML Identity Provides & Custom SSO solutions.

Advanced HubSpot Integration
Your school and your CRM are now 100% aligned to fuel your customer relationships, inbound marketing, and automated campaigns. Sync your user data to keep your CRM up-to-date, deliver targeted and personalized campaigns, and optimize your processes.

Manual Mark as Complete
Users at the Admin level can now manually update students’ progress for a learning activity or entire course. Easily transfer users with their progress to the LearnWorlds platform, manually update progress in your hybrid courses and win your learner’s loyalty!

💡 You Ask, We Deliver

Apart from the incredible lineup of new features that we introduced in 2023, we continued delivering to you product updates throughout the year, following up on the “You Ask. We Deliver”initiative we started a year ago — a recurring series of posts highlighting customer-requested features and improvements.

We delivered an incredible number of 72 new improvements across the platform! Check out these all these new improvements here

We can’t help but beam with pride as we highlight the real champions – our incredible customers. This year wasn’t just about numbers; it was about the stories you shared and the impact LearnWorlds had on your learning journeys. From the heartfelt reviews to the recognition badges on various platforms, your voices echoed the triumphs that transformed our platform into a global hub for education.

What stood out the most was the diversity in your experiences. Whether you were creating courses in Brazil or expanding educational businesses in Sweden, LearnWorlds became the catalyst for your success.
Your feedback, beyond being ratings, became a guide for us to improve and innovate. As we express our gratitude for the enriching dialogue, we’re thrilled to embark on the next chapter together in 2024, building on the collaborative successes that define our LearnWorlds customer community.

Check out some of our stellar customer testimonials ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Hands-Down THE BEST LMS Ever (Professor Here, Who Has Seen A LOT)”

What do you like best about LearnWorlds?

As someone deeply immersed in the world of online learning, I have had the pleasure of experiencing various learning management systems (LMS). However, LearnWorlds stands out as a beacon of excellence in this crowded space.
From the outset, what strikes you most about LearnWorlds is its beautifully crafted user experience (UX). The platform is not only visually appealing but also intuitively designed, making the process of building and navigating courses a breeze. This ease of use is a significant boon for both course creators and learners, ensuring that the focus remains on the learning experience rather than on navigating a complex interface.

Another aspect of LearnWorlds that deserves applause is their customer service. The staff are not just friendly but also genuinely attentive. They exhibit a level of care and commitment that goes beyond the norm, providing timely and effective support whenever needed. This kind of support is invaluable, especially when working on creating or managing online courses.
Moreover, the platform’s robust features cater to a wide range of needs, from interactive video capabilities to advanced analytics. These features allow for a dynamic and engaging learning environment that can be tailored to suit various educational requirements.
My absolute favorite part of the LW experience is the Accelerator program, wherein they teach you–FOR FREE–how to build your courses beautifully and effectively.
Because of this, LW is the only LMS I use now, and because I am such a fan, I have become a partner so that I can tell others about this amazing product.
In summary, LearnWorlds is a top-tier LMS that shines in its user-friendly design, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive feature set. It is a joy to use and a great asset for anyone looking to create or participate in online courses.

What do you dislike about LearnWorlds?
Haven’t found a downside! Everything has been great.

What problems is LearnWorlds solving and how is that benefiting you?
LearnWorld is making the process of creating a course so easy. The UX is gorgeous, making it attractive to my customers.

Verified customer review on G2

“LearnWorlds – Exceptional Support and Feature-Rich Platform!”

What do you like best about LearnWorlds?

I can’t say enough good things about LearnWorlds. Their support is hands down the best we’ve ever had. They truly pay attention to detail, and you can expect to get an answer within 1-2 hours.
What sets them apart is their genuine care for building relationships with their customers. They go above and beyond to ensure our needs are met.
The platform itself is fantastic, with excellent features, and they’re constantly adding new ones to make it even better. The mobile app is awesome, making learning on the go a breeze.
Our account manager is always available to help, willing to hop on a call to troubleshoot, find solutions to any issues, and suggest new, innovative ways of doing things.
LearnWorlds also provides an awesome site builder with loads of functionality to create your school exactly the way you envision it. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.

What do you dislike about LearnWorlds?
The ebook learning activity does not have indentation which is a basic text editor feature that we expected to see available. Because of that we have to keep using the legacy ebook which brought other challenges such as not being able to protect our content (copyright) however the team was kind enough to create a script for us to solve this. I would love to use the new ebook once the indentation is implemented.

What problems is LearnWorlds solving and how is that benefiting you?
LearnWorlds has solved the challenges of mobile app development, improved UX and UI, offered responsive support, provided robust data tracking, and enhanced site-building capabilities. These solutions have greatly benefited our organization by making our operations more efficient, improving the learning experience, and enhancing our marketing efforts.

Verified customer review on G2

“The world’s best LMS and learning platform—with an industry leading development and support team.”

What do you like best about LearnWorlds?

Let me start by sharing that our company has used just about every LMS and learning platform out there. Without exaggeration–we have build on or test 40, at least. LearnWorlds is a standout on nearly every single metric. Our team always jokes that we can’t believe everyone isn’t on LearnWorlds.
Learnworlds has, in simple words, made it possible for us to grow a multi-million business that our customers love. And I can’t tell you how much of that is possible because LearnWorlds is a unicorn in the LMS industry. It provides the features of platforms four times its price. But their team goes farther: Constantly innovating. And innovating in ways that it’s own clients are asking for.
We run both a consumer-side training company and an enterprise-side training company. What other tool allows you to serve all of those markets with incredible ease and features? If you are reading this, I can assure you: Save yourself years of time and dig into what is possible with LearnWorlds. You can customize to an incredible degree. But the tools are powerful and no developer knowledge is needed.
In the end, we have LearnWorlds to thank for helping us build a company that supports a large team and serves tens of thousands of clients around the world. I have no idea where we would be without them. They are more than a company. They are an innovative, supportive team that actually listens to their customers.

What do you dislike about LearnWorlds?
This may sound biased, but there is very little to list in the negative common. Are there bugs sometimes? Sure. Our team has never used a tool without them. But LearnWorlds is always on top of addressing them. I think the one thing that has ever come up occasionally is that we were not always notified about feature changes in advance, which caused a hiccup here or there. But I think the team has been great about improving there—so I can’t honestly remember any serious criticisms in the last couple of years.

What problems is LearnWorlds solving and how is that benefiting you?

We could list many, many more. We are a power user of LearnWorlds and have used it in many creative ways. And it has rarely let us down. There is no LMS or team like it.

Verified customer review on G2

“We love when a product team nails it and goes the extra mile”

What do you like best about LearnWorlds?

We develop mobile microlearning. We are a very demanding client when it comes to features and responsiveness from our providers. After 20 years as a techie and mobile microlearning professional that tried almost every platform out there, I can say with confidence, Learnworlds solution and responsiveness is mind blowing good.
Try it and you won’t regret it.

What do you dislike about LearnWorlds?

What problems is LearnWorlds solving and how is that benefiting you?

We could list many, many more. We are a power user of LearnWorlds and have used it in many creative ways. And it has rarely let us down. There is no LMS or team like it.

Verified customer review on G2

LearnWorlds Leading the Pack with a Dazzling Array of G2 Badges

LearnWorlds proudly adorned with a prestigious array of G2 badges—Leader, Momentum Leader, Best Relationship, Small Business Leader, High Performer, Easiest Setup, Best Usability, Best Support, Users Most Likely to Recommend, Best Results, and Fastest Implementation.
A testament to unrivaled innovation, seamless usability, and unwavering customer satisfaction. Join the platform of champions for unparalleled success in online learning!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re excited to share the incredible growth of our social media family. We’ve seen remarkable increases in our follower count, with a combined total of over 67,000 people following us across platforms and close to 600K views on YouTube alone (amounting to over 20 months of 24/7 viewing time – the Netflix binge at its finest).

Venturing into new territories, our Pinterest channel has amassed a remarkable 491.4k monthly views. Our dynamic Facebook Community has grown to an impressive 1,500 members, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

This year’s social journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and we invite course creators and learning & development experts to join our expanding community. We can’t wait to welcome you into our space dedicated to passionate learners and experts!

Thank you for making 2023 a year of connection, inspiration, and knowledge-sharing across all our digital spaces. Here’s to an even more engaging and collaborative 2024!

For the LearnWorlds team, 2023 can be summed up in one word: unstoppable!
Our growth wasn’t just about numbers; it was a vibrant mix of diverse talents and experiences, breathing new life into our vision.

Here are some major highlights about our stellar team:

🌐 We extended our global reach
With a headcount of 148, we welcomed 30 brilliant minds to our family in 2023, hailing from 13 different countries, including Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Australia.

🌍 We upheld our status as a diverse & inclusive global hub
Our team’s diversity is a source of strength, boasting members from 19 different nationalities, fostering a rich blend of perspectives. From American to Ukrainian, each unique background contributes to the vibrant LearnWorlds culture.

🚀 We invested in growth & expertise
Reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement, we provided over 35 individual trainings as part of our annual training budget, amplifying the skills of our team. Additionally, we invested in dozens of team trainings, broadening the collective expertise of LearnWorlds.

✈️ We soared with international presence
LearnWorlds took the global stage with our team members participating in eight international conferences, including WebSummit, ReflectFest, TestExpo, Fosdem, LaraCon, WeTest Athens, Flutter & Friends, BetterWays, and the Learning Technologies Conference.

🤝 We built meaningful connections
We hosted seven community meetups at our Athens Offices, uniting professionals from HR Greece, Laravel enthusiasts, the Product Management Community, and Minuttia Connect, fostering collaboration and shared knowledge.

💖 We fueled our team bonding & gave back to the community
Our commitment to camaraderie was evident in workshops, retrospectives, and various CSR initiatives. From Earth Day cleanups to supporting earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey, and providing aid during Greece’s Thessaly floods, our team engaged in meaningful activities that extended beyond the workplace.

🎉 We celebrated milestones together
In the spirit of togetherness, our team celebrated milestones with several team events and participation in races such as the Women’s Run, Authentic Marathon Run, and the Limassol PrimeTel 5km Corporate Race.

This year has been more than just a collection of days; it has been a testament to the extraordinary achievements, growth, and triumphs that define the very core of LearnWorlds.

In 2023, we didn’t just meet our mission; we soared beyond expectations, pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting the stage for an even more transformative 2024.

As we reflect on the journey that was 2023, we express our deepest gratitude to our customers, community, and team for making it a year of connection, inspiration, and knowledge-sharing.

Together, we’ve built a global hub for education, and we’re excited to embark on the next chapter in 2024, where innovation knows no bounds, and success knows no limits.

Join us as we continue to transform the world of online learning. Here’s to an even more exciting, collaborative, and triumphant 2024 with LearnWorlds!

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CEO and Co-Founder at LearnWorlds

Panos Siozos is the CEO and Co-Founder of LearnWorlds. He holds a PhD in Educational Technology and has worked extensively as a computer science educator, software engineer, IT manager and researcher in many EU funded research projects. Before following the startup route, he was working in the European Parliament as a policy adviser for research and innovation.