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LearnWorlds News 6 MIN READ

The Best Choice for Online Training in the EU

Since 2014, LearnWorlds has been working hard to bring to you all the tools and equipment you need to build the online school of your dreams.

Throughout the last 6 years, our platform has evolved, and through the addition of some new incredible features and capabilities, LearnWorlds has become one of the best end-to-end solutions for creating and selling online courses, not only in the US but especially in the EU.

From the ability to create unique interactive learning experiences and online content to the ability to offer certifications and sell your courses on a global or local level, the opportunities that the LearnWorlds platform offers are endless.

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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LearnWorlds is the best choice for course creators and the definite choice for EU-based companies or anyone targeting the common market of the European Union.

Here’s why:

In some EU countries, people prefer alternative forms of payments instead of the use of credit cards. LearnWorlds comes to meet such needs by helping entrepreneurs in those countries accept payments in the way they are used to. This makes us the only global course platform that accepts local payment methods that European customers are familiar with.

This is possible with our Stripe integration, which allows you to accept local payments through:

Such payment options allow you to keep in touch with the European audience which is more likely to be reluctant to buy a course with a credit card or PayPal payment.

For more information on individual payment gateways check this article.

Following the array of local payment gateway options that LearnWorlds brings on the table, you will be happy to learn that it doesn’t end there as LearnWorlds is the only elearning platform that offers the most complete GDPR toolkit.

Our GDPR toolkit comes with a comprehensive set of capabilities and granular settings that help your school become and stay GDPR-compliant, enabling you to carry on your business while staying in line with the current European laws.

This initiative results from many case study explorations and thorough research into the best practices and legal documentation that were required by law to take place.

With LearnWorlds, you get the following:

Marketing opt-ins for all your lead-capturing forms

gdpr compliant checks

The toolkit comes with easily customizable opt-in forms, checkboxes, and text. The opt-in data you collect are stored in the platform so that you can have the digital evidence formally required by GDPR.

Cookie opt-ins for your school visitors

Cookie opt-in options

Show users cookie opt-ins that can be fully customizable to match the theme of your online school and fit to your business needs.

Email opt-ins for your users

Email opt-in options

Offer your users the opportunity to opt-in and -out of certain emails sent out via the platform, such as notifications about users’ activity and promotional emails.

GDPR Data Requests for your users

Data Access/Delete Requests

With the Data Access and Data Deletion requests, users can have their ‘right to be forgotten’ and you can anonymize or delete their personally-identifiable data and account information.

Granular Control

Cherry-pick GDPR options and/or show options only to EU-based consumers

Granular control allows you to cherry-pick which GDPR-related capabilities you want to enable in your school. Using Geolocation you can select to which users these apply e.g. EU-based customers.

With such capabilities, LearnWorlds ensures that the data privacy of your students is respected to the fullest.

We understand that all GDPR efforts aim to make the internet a safer place to be, and we commit to always deliver solutions that will help you run your online business in the most efficient way possible.

For more information, check our GDPR toolkit article.

LearnWorlds is an EU-based company with HQ in Cyprus and entities in Greece, and the UK. For this reason, we strive to follow strict data security standards, taking additional care of your data, security policies, and local legal requirements.

While LearnWorlds is not exclusively for European initiatives, it is the best choice for someone who wants to expand their business and reach out to a larger target audience.

LearnWorlds is ideal for EU-based companies that adhere to strict compliance laws. It’s also great for US-based and international businesses that have a local business and want to expand to Europe to gain more customers.

On top of that, LearnWorlds is the most suitable option for EU companies who are interested in keeping their data in EU based servers and comply with local compliance requirements.

As a company, we are already offering support to everyone who needs it regardless of where they come from. We have servers based in the EU and US. We are more than ready to serve the needs of our customers while fulfilling local compliance requirements, wherever they are.

If you have been following LearnWorlds for a while, then you would know that we take data security and privacy seriously and we continuously look for opportunities to make improvements.
While it would not be prudent to share too much about what we do to protect our systems (since we would assist malicious individuals who might try to compromise them), we can provide some general information about the steps we take to keep your online school and your customers safe.

Here are the measures we take for securely storing the data you entrusted to us:

For more information on these measures, check our data privacy and protection settings.

Securing your intellectual property is important, but it shouldn’t prevent you from sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world.

This is the reason we invested a great deal of work, LearnWorlds to come up with a unique set of features that can help protect your intellectual property. Today, it is the only course platform that offers built-in copyright protection functionality, and we take a great deal of pride in that.

Those will discourage pirates from copying or sharing your content in the web, and offer added security to your school.

Whatmore, you don’t even have to spend time and money on third-party products to get a similar result.

LearnWorlds can help protect your online school and courses through the following features:

Video Download Restrictions

Videos uploaded and hosted on LearnWorlds use domain restricted access, which means, a non-logged in user cannot access them and can’t download them. We also restrict by default any downloading or saving option. An average user can’t copy, save, or download the videos in your LearnWorlds account.

Video Watermarking

Where to find the watermark settings

Using LearnWorlds, you can enable the Video Watermark settings to show unique identifiers on top of your videos. These may be your logo, your user email, or unique ID and you can choose them to show up in different places or in random rotation around the video to prevent screen recorders from getting your content and sharing it.

PDF Protection

Changing the PDF security settings

With PDF protection, you can give access to your PDF files or fully restrict them. Simply choose the level of security you want for your PDFs and disable or enable PDF file downloads, copy, and print.

PDF Stamping

PDF stamping examples

LearnWorlds’ built-in function to stamp each PDF allows you to add an identifier on top of every PDF your students see. This can be your logo, your name, user email, or user ID.

With PDF stamping, you can discourage sharing, and if you find someone sharing your content online, you can identify them by their unique id or email

Are you ready to give LearnWorlds a try?

As you can see, LearnWorlds has made it top priority to ensure that it meets all compliance parameters while going the extra mile to make the process of creating your online academy a safe, efficient, and enjoyable experience.

If you live in the EU, get your free 30-day trial with LearnWorlds today and start selling your online courses in your local market!

Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills.

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