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As every ship has its captain so does your school have you as its skipper. You are called to navigate it through sale-storms and reach new ports. But a captain needs to know how to control a vessel. Let us guide you to a sheltered cove for the night, cause we are about to learn everything there is to know on mastering your LearnWorlds.

Dashboard Analytics

Be it a ship, or your online school business, every complex enterprise needs a command center. Once you login to your Learnworlds school the first thing you’ll see is the dashboard of your school. This is a spherical view of your school and helps you run your business.

LearnWorlds Analytics Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard allows you to be instantly on top of your sales, registrations, and student activity and also see in real time who is logged in and engage with your students!

Admin Menu

Your admin menu holds all the buttons, levers and hinges you will need to navigate your LearnWorlds school towards success. Each menu item gives a unique customization option. Keep reading to learn how to create the school of your dreams:

LearnWorlds Admin menu

School Settings

From this tab, you can adjust your financial, video, login, social and navigation settings along with your school’s time zone, language, data protection and notifications.

Also, this category includes some wonderful tools you can use to enhance your and your learners’ experience – Integrations, Includes and Webhooks.

With Integrations, you can automatically integrate your school with the best marketing, support, email and affiliate tools. Including code snippets from 3rd party tools which you can connect to your LearnWorlds. Webhooks provide other applications with real-time information from your school and deliver them data when an event is triggered.

-To start receiving payments for your courses, you need to connect your LearnWorlds site with a payment gateway, which is available through your Financial settings page.

Payment Gateways

Create Courses

From the “Courses” tab you can see all your created courses along with their pricing. Manage and customize any course you want or even create a new course using our easy-to-use tools and templates.

LearnWorlds course list

– Create the most stunning Course Pages

Course Preview in LearnWorlds

Customize the Appearance of your School

Your online school should reflect your personality and be all about your brand. With our theming options you can easily brand your site with your own logo and color theme. Make your online school a show-case for your brand and keep those decks neat and pretty. You can customize the appearance of your Learnworlds online school with the theming editor and for more advanced customizations you can always use custom CSS code.

Pages Builder

More than a feature, a revolutionary tool for developing the homepage of your LearnWorlds. But you can also use it to create new pages for every need of your school. Create sales pages to sell courses, team or about us pages and your own contact page.

A well-structured ship is bound to withstand even the strongest currents but also attract even more learners. You can find more about the Pages Builder in our archives at the cellar, next to the kegs of rum.

– With our pages builder, you can craft the most eye-catching Sales Pages.

Course Preview in LearnWorlds

Connect Apps

We may not be able to offer you a compass and an astrolabe but we can give you wonderful apps with which you can take full advantage of your LearnWorlds school’s potential. With our apps, you can setup the sources of your school’s newspaper, provide your learners with an organized library with supportive links, award certificates, grant gamification badges and much more!

Selling tools: Coupons, Bundles and Subscriptions

With our selling tools you can create:

LearnWorlds also helps you capture leads (potential customers) via email signup forms (lead generation pages).

– Course bundles: Powerful upsell offers which include a number of relevant between them courses at discounted prices and can be used in marketing or upselling.

Course Bundles

Keep Track of Course Sales

From the Sales tab, you can keep track of your orders, products and instructors’ revenues as well as your cancelled sales. For easier cruising, you can export your sales and revenues data as either csv. or xls. files so as to always have a sales map with you.

Manage your Learners & Instructors

For your Roger to be Jolly you sure need both a crew and passengers. Once you find new learners to follow you on your educational journey, you can go to your Learners page to see and manage all the users in your school.

You can search for users by name, filter their records by course or by date, manage their courses, change their emails and passwords and import users or export them for further processing.

If you have wanted to add your officers too (instructors), you can visit your Instructors page where you can manage your instructors or assign new ones to courses.

Analytics: Know what is happening to your school at all times

Being an all-seeing captain means keeping track of your analytics. Go to your Events Log page to have full control over your online school with real-time information about activities that take place.

With it, you can monitor what is happening within your school and search for specific activities. Moreover, you can provide support to your learners when they face problems since you can monitor their exact activities. And for the mails you send, you can check your Emails log page to always keep an eye on your pigeons’ destination.

School Account

There may come a time when you might feel the need to change your course. Visit your School Plan page to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan.

For full insight on your account’s details, you can go to your Account info page. And for the new fish that swim these waters, you can always check the News & Updates page.

So what are you waiting for? The wind is blowing, your crew awaits orders and your passengers are eager to gain knowledge! Embark on a sales journey and sell your amazing courses today with your trusting ship – LearnWorlds!

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